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Go get some MBA!

By on Sep 20, 2009 | 4 comments

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I’m actually wasting my & your time by writing this post. I’ve lots of pending tasks and I should be finishing them off right away. However, I can’t stop myself from writing this post. I’ve just had a chat with my ex-boss. He asked me about my well begin and how I’m doing. The talks started with current IT scenario to funding for start-ups. He then popped following question –

Are you an MBA?

I said no and he said I should get an MBA degree as soon as possible. It will help me raise money for my start-up. Now, the point is, he’s not the only one who’s asked me to get an MBA degree. Now I’m wondering, what would an MBA course teach me? How will it help me in business? What am I missing by not having an MBA degree?

My ex-boss told me, an MBA degree would help me raise funds from the angel investors or VCs. The VCs would prefer funding an MBA than a NON-MBA.

But considering that I’m not looking to raise funds from VCs or angel investors, do you think an MBA degree would help me in my business? Is it worth investing two (or 1) years of my life studying business?

The Big K


  1. safwan

    September 26, 2009

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    well, biggie by looking your site means Crazy engineers I cant say you should do MBA. but still my opinion is same as I posted on our forum in debate section.

  2. saandeep

    October 10, 2009

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    Why to read masters if you are already a master.

    No need biggie 🙂

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