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The art of sponsorships

By on Sep 24, 2009 | 3 comments

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Almost every week I receive about 3-4 event sponsorship requests. The requests mails are usually written by student in-charge, event head or sometimes even the college senior management. The mails usually are heavy [ 1 PDF (4-5MB) + Event Brieft (1 MB) + Text ]. I go through each & every request that I receive and try to find out what’s being offered in exchange of what.

100% of the times, the deal offered is WIN-LOSE.

For example, one of the event organizers sent me an email to sponsor their international conference ( meaning, few people from the foreign countries will show up at the event). They offered me to show our brand to their about 500 attendees and demanded only –

INR. 250,000.00/-  😯

By any means, do you think spending 250,000/- to showcase your products/service/brand to 500 people is worth it?

I think it’s not and my opinion is based purely on common sense.

If they can ask for INR. 250,000/- to show a brand to 500 people; how much do you think I should charge to display an advertisement on my blog that receives couple of thousand visitors every month?

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  1. Mayur

    September 25, 2009

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    It all depends on your target audience. If you were a businessman and even 25% of the delegates were your direct targets, believe me… the rate they are quoting is cheap. Today it might be Win-Lose for you.

    Superblog has a different audience. If some one thinks he wants to target them, he might pay the price you command to get the visibility.

  2. mad_scientist

    September 25, 2009

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    The cost is justified if the 500 people visiting are Forbes’ fortune 500’s CEOs!! :mrgreen:

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