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Will “Ahimsa” work?

By on Oct 6, 2009 | 9 comments

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The inspiration to write this post comes from friend Mayur’s latest post “In search of the Mahatma within“. This is one of the topics, I usually won’t write about. But then, I do care for world peace – and I have doubts. Do you think ‘Ahimsa’ will work in modern times? Can it be a solution to solve the freaking problem of terrorism? Can we really melt the hearts of terrorists who are ready to kill anyone?

Or is there some deeper meaning to “Ahimsa”? What do you think?

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The Big K-


  1. Mayur

    October 6, 2009

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    I dont know if Ahimsa will work or not, but himsa for himsa (or violence for violence) will not work for sure.

  2. The Big K

    October 6, 2009

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    Why not? What do humans do when we get viral fever? Kill the virus. That’s the best way to deal with bad element in our body right.

  3. Mayur

    October 6, 2009

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    Then why is the Virus not dead yet? Why do we have bird flu, swine flu and what not cropping up every now and then?

    Terrorism is different than viral fever.

    Has any one managed to wrestle control by bull dosing their way? Has US managed to award peace in Iraq/ Afghanistan/ Vietnam?

    Have you managed to eradicate stupidity by pointing it out and mocking on it?

  4. durga

    October 7, 2009

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    I dont know till what extent ahimsa will work, but “an eye to eye” will make whole world blind.

    Terrorism rather is mentality of people finding sadistic pleasure in terrorising others. if you end up killing every alive terrorist on earth, what is the guarantee that some one else won’t develop the same mentality?

    I don’t think Terrorism can be compared with viral fever or chicken pox or for that matter some other disease which can eradicate completely in a slow process by disinfecting. It’s human mentality.

  5. The Big K

    October 7, 2009

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    I personally think terrorism is like a viral fever. [Debate, anyone?]

    But tell me, if I kill a terrorist – am I not saving lives of 100 or (1000) other people whom the terrorist might end up killing?

    — and probably create 2 new terrorists in the process.

    I don’t want arguments that lead to nowhere. Because, then the whole discussion goes pointless.

    PS: Quote: “Have you managed to eradicate stupidity by pointing it out and mocking on it?”

    — Dude!

  6. Mayur

    October 7, 2009

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    Reality bites dude!

    The point I’m trying to prove here is, a slap for a slap leads to big fight. And it goes on…

    Killing a terrorist will not save 100 lives. But in the process, it might provoke some more like minded brats to become terrorist.

    Every month we kill 1000s of mosquitoes and cockroaches. But the new ones come back again to haunt us. Why? Because we dont learn from our mistakes and litter around, which helps the mosquitoes to breed. The problem is, we focus on wrong things and end up killing the effect (or the out come) and not the very cause of that breeds the mosquitoes (or terrorists).

    Tell me if you believe this. If a man can be brain washed to become a terrorist and kill 100 innocents, can he not be reverse brain washed to not to kill and stop others from doing so? I believe he can be. Take it or leave it!

  7. Sapna

    October 8, 2009

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    I’m pasting my own comment from Mayur’s post ‘In search of Mahatma within’.

    This is one of the various stories told by my Dad when I was a kid. I thought it would be relevant here.

    Once there was this cruel snake who used to bite and hiss and scare people. Once when Buddha was on his way he happened to meet this snake. He felt bad for the snake and taught him the path of ahimsa and how not to bite and spit out poison and hate. The snake agreed and started leading such a life. The following year when Buddha was passing by the same route he found the snake in a miserable condition, all wounded and kids throwing stones at it. On speaking to the snake Buddha found out that this was the result of his teachings. It was then he said to the snake ‘I asked you not to bite, and I had not asked you not to hiss’. You could always hiss and avoid this condition of yours.

    Moral of the story is(as understood by me) : Do not harm anyone but if you don’t show them you have the potential to harm them too if they overstep then be ready for the snakes later condition.

  8. safwan

    October 9, 2009

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    look , biggie I believe if any terrorists is convicted and if court proves on him that he has killed innocent then I say we should not just hang him but on public square we should Cut his Head like as we have in Saudi Arabia. But still I believe in Bapus ” Ahinsa” .

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