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Untechnical Talks!

By on Oct 9, 2009 | 5 comments

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I had a terrible day today yesterday (since its 12:15 am right now). Mostly because I attended a meeting with so called ‘technical’ & a self-confessed ‘non-technical’ people in their late 30s & 40s respectively. I had following ‘technical’ discussion with the ‘technical’ guy in his late 30s. I’ll refer to him as ‘TG’ in the conversation –

K: Sir, maintaining a server for a social network is not an easy task. There are tons of run-time errors. Plus the framework we’ve used to build the site needs to be upgraded and security checks need to be performed regularly. Plus there are patches, bug fixes etc.

TG: Ok, so?

K: These are all time consuming tasks, sir. Plus they require special technical know-how of the system.

TG: Ok, so?

K: That’s what I’ll do as a part of the maintenance. I’ll make sure that the server is up & running all the time.

TG: Hmm. But why are you charging so much money?

K: Sir, let me correct you. I’m not charging ‘so much money’. We’re running a social network and a social network needs more capable server, more bandwidth and storage space. In fact, what I’m charging is way below industry standard because < reasons followed >.

TG: We don’t need 100GB space. We need only 3.5 GB space.

K: Its not just about the space, sir. There are many other factors involved.

###Untechnical Talk Begins###

TG: Ok, why don’t you move it to a static server?

K: A what? Static server? What’s that?

TG: Ummmm… bla bla bla bla bla

K: Sir, that’s possible, but we’re doing something more sophisticated. Plus what you suggested costs lot more money!

TG: No no..find out.

TG: One more thing. Make the upgrade automatic.

K: Automatic? How?

TG: Just provide the server path.

K: Means?

TG: Just provide the server path and your system will upgrade itself automatically.

K: Its impossible sir.

TG: Its possible. Just provide server path.

K: To what?

TG: To your server.

K: and?

TG: And it will upgrade.

AT this point, I wanted to say, but couldn’t –

I’ll better stand in front of my computer and say, “Abra Ka Dabra – Server Upgrade!” – and the server should upgrade.

K: ……………………

TG: Ok, do it and inform me.

K: …………………

###Untechnical Talk Continues. But not worth mentioning here.###

The Big K-


  1. durga

    October 9, 2009

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    did he bother to tell you want he meant by the magical stunt? or he was just repeating ‘ sending server path to server’ thing?

  2. Mayur

    October 14, 2009

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    Tell him the server is new to the city and doesn’t know the areas. So it cant ravel on its own and upgrade itself.

    … and get the hell out of there. What are you doing Biggie? Is this why you left your job?

  3. smita

    October 20, 2009

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    LOL… I envy your patience biggie. You still managed to hear him out. If it were me, I’d have started tugging my hair in frustration while screeching like a banshee 🙂

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