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Big K’s Anger Management Tip

By on Oct 19, 2009 | 6 comments

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The world is full of stupid people. Their only job is to keep our mercury levels high. There are times when you’ll vent your anger out with the help of swear words. Later, you will think you shouldn’t have said what you said. In such cases, my anger management tip will come handy. Follow it and you’ll benefit a lot in the long run. Here’s my simple tip –

When you want to say “BULLSHIT!!!”



Let me explain with following live examples –

Example #1:

Moron: Move the site to static server & provide server path and then the system will upgrade automatically.


Example #2:

Moron: (In a company quarterly meeting) We are a big family over here!


Example #3:

Moron: (Team Meeting) You should take every decision depending on the situation. OR “I’m not like other managers” OR “Let’s not over commit/promise to the client!”


Example #4:

Moron: “Main Dhund Raha Hun Mera Sachha Pyar, Imagine Par.  To Dil Se Kahiye, kya aap banegi meri Humsafar?”


…and there are many more. Tell me how my tip saved you words, energy and maybe possible embarrassment. I read all my comments and sometimes send abusive mails to people who don’t write good comments.

The Big K


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