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I think Abu Azmi…

By on Nov 10, 2009 | 34 comments

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…should have taken the oath in Marathi.

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The Big K


  1. safwan

    November 11, 2009

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    HIndi is our National language and we are proud of it. “Hindi ” thats by what here in middle east people called us when they want to call us. so we are Indian and we love hindi. although Abu Azmi has his right to choose his language of oath. we can not say any think about it.

  2. Amit

    November 11, 2009

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    I think any person holding any office should have the right to choose the language in which he wants to take the oath – be it Marathi, Konkani, Hindi, Sanskrit or even English.

    If he would not understand what he was saying if he took the oath in Marathi, would it make any sense at all?

    And if the point is how could he represent people in Maharashtra without knowing Marathi, the answer is simple: democracy. He is an elected representative. If the people in his constituency think that his prowess in Marathi is not as important, who the hell is anyone else to think it is?

  3. mad_scientist

    November 12, 2009

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    nothing is going to happen against the hooligans who are, sadly, members of a legislative assembly!!

    if mr azmi does not read or speak marathi, then he might as well take oath in chinese wouldn’t make a fig of a difference to him!!

  4. The Big K

    November 13, 2009

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    If there’s no restriction on the choice of language, I’d love to see someone take oath in Mangolian ;). I don’t understand this reluctance in using Marathi to take the oath.

    I’ve spotted many idiotic debates on news channels – and all of them are biased. I guess its because most of the talk show hosts are Hindi speaking folks.

    I believe journalism in India needs some upgrade.

  5. Gawn

    November 13, 2009

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    Who said HINDI is the national language of India ?? This is a fallacy propagated by people from hindi speaking belt to impose their language on non-hindi speaking states.

  6. Mayur

    November 13, 2009

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    Now let us cut the debate short. Even I know Abu Azmi provoked the MNS hooligans by deliberately choosing to take an oath in Hindi. But as per the govt regulations, I guess a person ca take oath in any of the 18 (correct me if I’m wrong) languages without any biases.

    MNS is publicity hungry. And this is what they can do.

    @Gawn: Boy, you need history lessons.

  7. Gawn

    November 13, 2009

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    I can prove to you in an authentic manner that Hindi is not our national language. Do you have any link to support your claim that hindi is our national language?

  8. Guttu

    November 14, 2009

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    After watching the footage on news channels all I thought is that abu azmi provoked MNS leaders. I agree that Hindi is our National language but the people who elected him are Marathi. At least to make those people happy he should have spoken Marathi. In the end you’ll be working for the peoples of a state not India. That’s the bitter truth.

  9. durga

    November 14, 2009

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    @ Gawn
    will this link do? I rely on internet for things I don’t know

    P.S: I don’t understand the fuss around hindi. When majority of a population talks Hindi , whats the harm in talking hindi? and making things simple.
    Few of my friends are Bengalis, tamilians and kanandigas and I am a gulti( telugu). The only way we converse is hindi, and it really removes the northie southie barrier. National language is meant to do that and Hindi is perfectly doing it.

    I don’t know about Marathis though and I think Abu Azim took oath in Hindi considering the non-marathi population as well.

  10. durga

    November 14, 2009

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    If Chinese and Mangolian were recognized by Indian Constitution as languages ,then may be you can take oath, but unless masses understand what you speak , no use of talking oath in those languages.

    I don’t think its reluctance, (if) Abu Azmi does not konw marathi? It would be similar to reading out a script in Marathi – would you guys like that? And its Maharastrians who chose him right? So if they think is is capable of doing his job without properly able to communicate in Marathi, why make a fuss over his oath taking capabilities?

  11. The Big K

    November 14, 2009

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    Points well said. I’m now thinking India shouldn’t have been divided into state on the basis of languages. Also, anyone knows any minister from the south who’s taken oath in Hindi?

  12. Gawn

    November 14, 2009

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    There is no National Language in India. India is a language agnostic nation 🙂 This is a good learning for me as I was made to belive from my schooling that Hindi is the national Language.. which was false!

    States that,

    Article 346 of the Indian Constitution recognises Hindi in Devan?gar? script as the official language of central government India. The Constitution also allows for the continuation of use of the English language for official purposes. Article 345 provides constitutional recognition to “Official languages” of the union to include any language adopted by a state legislature as the official language of that state. In effect, there are “Official Languages at the state and center level but no one “national language”.


    There are 23 Official languages as like Hindi… Please dont mention again its a National Language…

    More Information ::

  13. The Big K

    November 14, 2009

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    “If he would not understand what he was saying if he took the oath in Marathi, would it make any sense at all?”

    @Amit: That’s the point. A man living in Maharashtra for so long, running business(es) here, making a living here does not know Marathi and has no willingness to learn it?

    Yep, the constitution may allow Indians to speak whatever language they want; but its a matter of common sense – that if you have spent years in some other region, you ought to know/respect and understand their culture.

    If I were to live in China, I’d definitely learn Chinese.

    Come on. 🙂

  14. kid

    November 14, 2009

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    I don’t see any Marathi’s speaking any of the Southern Languages !! 🙁 Even though they have been living and working in southern India for decades.

    I know many South Indian Ministers who take Oaths in English, if not Hindi!!

    I thought language was a means of communication!! Not something to force upon someone.

    Languages are important to some communities because they carry some part of their tradition and culture. But, I am sorry, no one can force upon it onto me.

    I have my freedom to choose.

    If it really irks some people if I am not choosing to communicate with them in their mother tongue, they can choose not to communicate with me, but sorry, not force me!!

    If a certain culture, forces itself onto others, I am sorry, it gives a very bad impression about it.

    Besides, can anyone highlight, to which state does Hindi actually belong ??

  15. durga

    November 14, 2009

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    wow! kid that was straight point. Few gujju friends back at Hyderabad, don’t talk Telugu, we talk in Hindi and guess what,, Bangalore can as well complain no one talks Kannada and make Kannada a mandatory language for all Software engineers.

    Are we all behaving as hypocrites?? We say people loose their identity when they move into new land and whine upon them and again here we are complaining that few of them don’t adopt.

    Simple scenario, i go US, I become a US citizen i behave a US citizen. People don’t agree here, I get to listen” she has forgotten her roots” and when I tend to hold my roots , I get to listen ” She doesn’t adopt” .

    people have choices, and Maharatra Nirman Samsta chief advised his own people to talk oath in Marathi, so be it, why go and hit others??

    looks like for few ignorance is a bliss! 😉

  16. Kid

    November 15, 2009

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    Hmm, MNS is going to force SBI to recruit only locals!!

    Should they not ask SBI to quit their operations in Maharashtra and ask all the Marathi’s to bank with Bank of Maharashtra?

    And going by this way, I think all the central government jobs in Delhi should belong to Delhites.

    And all the colleges should allow only the localites to sit in their placement drives.

    I think I should stop. Another such things have started to come to my mind.

    If we keep on going this way, then next we will have problems in between 2 districts or towns/cities. Mumbaikars and Punekars will crib about each other. Kolkotians will stop that daily from Asansol and Lucknawis and Kanpurias will have a war in between themselves. And there will be a Delhi with only a few thousand of their orignal population. There will be No Sindhi in this country.

    When I was young, we were taught that the colonials took the approach of divide & rule. But now I realise that they only had to rule, we have always been divided!!

    I am sorry, I should have stopped!!

  17. Mayur

    November 15, 2009

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    I dont understand why biggie banks on controversies every time.

    Anyway, I dont want to give history lessons to people here. Neither should we give lessons on common sense. The marathi v/s hindi debate is politically motivated.

    Abu Azmi’s act was deliberate. But it is all conspired. They are just helping one another to bring other political parties down. Raj’s construction firm is a partner with another firm owned by Abu Azmi’s relative. But they fight like cats and dogs to attract the media attention.

    Coming back to the national language, Hindi, like many other Indian languages, is an off shoot of the original national language ‘Sanskrit’. It was adopted by the modern civilisation of the aryans who lived mostly in the central parts of India. Hindi got evolved from the prakrit, got blended with the urdu and lot of civilizations chose to adopt it. Marathi is also evolved from the Prakrit texts, sharing the same devnagri script like that of the sanskrit and Hindi.

    Now since majority of the population in India spoke Hindi (40%) and we needed a common language, Hindi was chosen and the official language for our nation, along with English. It is very sad that people haven’t studied the history well. Comments without knowledge are bad.

    @Gawn: Couple of links wont do any good. Without hurting any body’s sentiments, Raj is a Bastard!

  18. The Big K

    November 15, 2009

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    @Mayur: What I thought ‘common sense’ is actually a controversy! If a person is representing people of Maharashtra – he/she is ought to know their language! Its a shame that Abu Azmi doesn’t know Marathi! He’s been living here for so long.

  19. kid

    November 16, 2009

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    @Big K: As far as I read (the news sites and stuff), he (Azmi) said his Marathi was not good. Not that he didn’t know.

    Secondly, If the people have chosen him to represent them, then why is his knowledge of Marathi such a big issue to everybody else?

    Thirdly, I think it is very different then saying I would learn and actually learning a language, especially once passed the prime of your learning curve. Only a small percentage, whom I can say have a flair for languages, can do that.

    Fourthly, even if he knew Marathi and still had he chosen to take oath in Hindi, can you guarantee that he would not have been manhandled?

    I think, it is not about language, its about making one’s own choices.

  20. kid

    November 16, 2009

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    Just to highlight, after reading the link Gawn has posted, Languages native to Bihar is not Hindi, but Bhojpuri, Maithili and Magahi.

    They know, Hindi as an addition.

    On top of that, I have seen Tamils able to understand Kannada even without learning, because they are very simillar. I have seen gulti read a Kannada script, even though he had never seen it before. It would be wrong to compare these three languages !!

  21. The Big K

    November 16, 2009

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    @Kid: Why is his ignorance of Marathi is a big issue to everybody else?

    Simply because the representatives of the people of Maharashtra are ought to know the Language. The point is, as said earlier, Maharashtra attracts lot of folks from UP & Bihar – and they don’t just come to Maharashtra to work – they come here to form political powers. No, not that what they do is ‘illegal’, but they also bring their own culture with them and try to impose them on others.

    Even after so many requests to him by others, he chose to take oath in Hindi – why such bullishness?

  22. kid

    November 16, 2009

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    @Big K:
    I would like to understand, how does someone force a culture on to someone else?

    I am least interested in Azmi ignorance or knowledge of any particular language. What I am interested in, is, that he gets his fair share of freedom of choice.

    And if a request is made in such a manner, that if someone decides not to abide, then he gets manhandled, I am sorry it is not more of a request is it.

    As I said, language is a means of communication. And if you like to communicate only in your language, then do not respond to any other language.

    Take for example of Chennai. You have to learn Tamil there if you have to live there in the long term. And No, they don’t manhandle you, if you do not speak Tamil. They simple refuse to understand anything else other than Tamil.

  23. Gawn

    November 16, 2009

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    If hinduism cannot become the national religion even when we have 80% hindus in India, then how come HINDI can be the national language when its spoken only by 40% people ??


    I respect your opinion about Raj. I just wanted to tell you that according to article 373 of constitution, hindi, english and all other 23 state languages together are labelled as “Official” languages of INDIA… Their is NO national language of India as such…


    Regarding Raj’s construction firm ( Matoshree Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.) , its owned by three people :: Raj himself, Rajan Shirodkar and Unmesh Joshi (Manohar Joshi’s son)…..

    Raj has no business relation with Abu Azmi whatsover…Please dont talk without proofs. I would be glad if you provide some link to back your claims.

    @ Big K

    Leave it, this people will never understand the emotions of marathi people. They wont comment on marathis getting beaten up in Raipur 3 months ago, nor would they comment on Biharis attacked in karnataka, goa, assam, punjab….


    Btw, ABU AZMI has been living in Maharashtra for 30-40 years… still he couldnt learn marathi ????????? Isnt it a shame ??????

  24. Gawn

    November 17, 2009

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    btw its article 343 not 373, my mistake

    @ kid

    emotions are the natural outcome of any human being.

  25. durga

    November 18, 2009

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    @ Gawn,

    Hinduism is not a national religion, as INDIA is a DEMOCRATIC and SECULAR country and there is no bais on religion. Religion is set of convections what you follow and no one can impose what religion you should follow and tell me how is HINDUISM anywhere related to LANGUAGE? all our Vedas are written in SANSKRIT. do you talk SANSHRIT on day basis? but we do follow the convections of HINDUISM right?

    Why do you intend to compare two complelty mutually exclusive persectives and make a point that Hindi is not naitonal language.

    People are hit and abused everywhere irrespective of creed and language, no one will ask “are you marathi?” and hit you excepted cases where there are communal riots and you genuinely come to know who is the other victim( apart from you ).

    No one is asking you to talk Hindi or adopt Hindi as your mother tongue. I am not concern qhy Abu Azim did not learn Marathi , may be its his personla choice.

    I think I would rather stop here.


    December 21, 2009

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    Hindi is the language of Hind

    Hindi is a leading language of India, it is a national language this is a universal truth.
    But if any one wishes to speak any regional language he is always most welcomed everywhere in India. Hindi is not proposed as a national language by any Hindi leader,
    It was strongly recommended by our great national leader Mahatma Gandhi( Guajarati) Netajil Subhash Chandra Bose( Bengali) Bal Gangadhar Rao Tilak ( Maharashtra) Bipin chnad pal( Bengali)Lala lajpat ray (Punjabi) Jawaharlal lal Nehru (Kashmir) venkat challeya (Tamil Nadu)Bhagat singh (Punjab) and many more respected leaders who struggle to make the country independent. Most of them were the Genius of English, but they recommended Hindi as a national language. Because each country of world has a national language, with out national language the country is not complete.
    Hindi was the language found such eligibility.

    All Indian must be respect Hindi as their mother. If you insult Hindi being an Indian you insult your mother. No one compel you to speak Hindi but respect it as all language of India.

    Hindi is not actually only a national language of India but it is the international language, worlds largest population speak Hindi, the country Like India, Pakistan, Iran, Nepal, Bahrain, Bangla desh, Shree lanka, Bhutan Hindi is a prime language. Many Hindi songs are popular in most countries. In whole world the Indian are recognized as “Hindiwala”

    Indian must change their mentality, they must be proud on their national language.
    It is not the language of UP and Bihar, it is a language of all Indians. If some one has different mentality then we must be ready to accept that always negative people we ere in this country, so some are today also.

    JAI Hind

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