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CAT 2010 Strategy for CAT coaching institutes

By on Dec 7, 2009 | 0 comments

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Here’s my simple strategy, guide for the CAT coaching classes all around India to get your students ‘shine’. Of course, you will make LOT of money by adopting my strategy and I’m not asking for even a penny from you.


CAT is held over a span of 10 days. Get 200-300 of your bright staff/alumni to appear for the CAT in the initial 5 days. Their job will not be to ‘Crack’ the CAT, but to memorize as many questions they can during the test. Each of them will report back and add the questions/patterns to a central question bank for that year. Based on that information, I believe each coaching institute can form their own question bank, notice the trends and common questions reported by all the test takers.

Make the question bank available to all the students with correct answers. Let the students just go through the questions and answers and give them a quick method to solve those questions.


Your students will perform exceptionally well in CAT.

Do everything secretly so that no one knows what’s going on behind the scenes ;).

The Big K

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