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Why don’t IITs & IIMs …

By on Dec 17, 2009 | 10 comments

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I’ve an idea!

Let’s have all IIT, IIM lectures publicly available to everyone through CDs, Live Streaming, etc. Professors can handle student queries, questions through online forums or other form of interactive system. Let anyone attending these lectures take tests conducted by IIT and if they crack them, award them IIT/IIM degree.

Eliminate JEE, CAT.

Let’s not have thousands of rupees wasted on CAT, JEE.

What’s wrong with my argument? What’s your opinion?

The Big K


  1. Amit

    December 17, 2009

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    As far as course material goes, I agree. But then again, the course material for IIMs atleast is not a closely guarded formula or something. It’s largely collaborated content, open to anyone willing to get it.

    IITs I don’t know. There’s an idea – there are people who ask those who have cracked JEE/CAT for their old tuition material so they don’t have to enroll for those classes. Can’t people do the same thing for the actual course content also? But then IIT courses are also linked with labs and practicals.

    I guess the answer is that people do not aspire to join IIT/IIMs or any college just for the knowledge. They do it for the brand. And as long as that mentality exists, what’s the harm if these institutes exploits that mentality to make some money off these kids and build their corpuses?

    Secondly, which is more wasteful? A million students appearing for one paper every year, and a couple of thousand taking the main papers (some 50 I guess), or a million students appearing for all of those 50 papers?

  2. kidakaka

    December 17, 2009

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    I agree with Amit. Brilliant case, well presented. Addendum –
    1. Professors will have their bandwidth maxed out
    2. It’s not the course content which is that important, you can avail of that on the internet even now (try It’s the peer learning and the rigor that’s the takeaway. How will this be created on such a mass?

  3. The Big K

    December 18, 2009

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    Amit, very well said. I totally agree that people join IITs/IIMs because they are big brand. But more importantly, why shoo away those who just missed the entry to IIMs/IITs because they couldn’t score that extra mark necessary to get in? Its just the infrastructure limiting their entry.

    The idea is to let everyone (who crack IIT/IIM internal exams) have the IIM/IIT tag on their degrees.

    I don’t think its more wasteful to have everyone appear for those internal tests. Because those students will anyways be appearing for internal tests of some other college. Plus, it will generate additional income to the institutes which can be put into research where these institutes seriously lag.

  4. Mayur

    December 22, 2009

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    Though an extravagant one, I think there is sense in the plan. Positive side is that you are taking the quality education to the masses. The negative one might be to take some sheen away from the coveted institutes.

    Having said that, Biggie, dont you think you are actually putting the rest of the education system in jeopardy? IIT/IIMs are not the only good educational institutions available.

  5. safwan

    December 23, 2009

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    yes! I agree with you !!
    Since resources are scares and every economy has to attain fuller utilization of resources .

  6. Amit Sharma

    December 29, 2009

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    If every human being in the world possessed a diamond, what will the value of diamonds be?

    These institutes’ degrees and diplomas hold no intrinsic value. The value is in the scarcity, just like with diamonds – its value is majorly created by the fact that not everyone has one, and whoever does not have one, wants one.

    It’s not a packet of rice that its benefit is achieved when everyone gets it.

    Secondly, these institutes have a reputation to protect. That reputation is largely built by the tough entrance exams. If everyone who appeared for the exam is given access to the institute’s brand, why would anyone value the brand, and why would anyone want to appear for the exam?

    Let’s face it, the kid next door wants to get into IIT because 1. the brand is big, because 2. the test is tough, which means that 3. not everyone can get in. That is what is building the whole pull. How many of the kids who are crazy about getting into IIT are really after the “world-class” teaching etc (like Rancho from 3I) that the IITs offer?

  7. The Big K

    December 29, 2009

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    Well, education is necessity and not a luxury (debate, anyone?). IITs shouldn’t try to be the Rolls Royce of cars – but the TATA Nanos. I believe more people in India now know and care about TATA Nano than Rolls Royce.

    My point is clear. Let IITs conduct exams to have limited people sit in their classrooms. But I want them to open their exams for all. If I can crack their exam – I’m no lesser than the one sitting in the classroom. Come on, I don’t think this will affect their brand negatively.

    PS: I personally doubt how ‘world-class’ IIT teaching is.

  8. KGV

    January 16, 2010

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    If they make all these things available publicly, you and I will know that there is hardly anything special in it. 😛

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