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By on Jan 12, 2010 | 6 comments

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While TC continues to make fun of Indian fake institutes , I continue to experience another new start-up that’s faking up everything to make an entry into the market. And I happen to be working with them [without being a part of the team, mind well!] on something, so I know all the ‘inside, real stuff’.

This start-up has faked their year of establishment, the database they have, blown up the actual numbers and everything to make them look an ‘established player’ in the market they are entering. Its going to be very interesting for me to watch them grow their company and bring in business. Their marketing folks have done everything to ensure that they look ‘BIGGER’ than they actually are.

I, on the other side, never did that- when it was possible (and very easy) for me to do it to get business. I believe business can be done with some principles and beliefs; without faking anything. When we were small, we said we are small. When we grew, we told everyone how big we actually were. I never had to lie about any damn thing.

Do you believe that its possible to do business while being honest?

The Big K



  1. Saandeep

    January 12, 2010

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    Anything with honesty will give best results in the long run!
    You may face difficulties initially by being honest, but finally you win!!

  2. safwan

    January 12, 2010

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    Biggie did you read the comments !! Indians are blamed here for such things !! the first comments which I read was “This f***ing pisses me off, its so blatant obvious that they are using the name google come on, they should be f***ing sued for this and taken down, they are just stealing peoples money and there are so so many sites like this all should be taken down. All these indians seem to be trying to rip off”

    notice the last sentence what image this give to people of world!!??

  3. The Big K

    January 13, 2010

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    They have a mediocre product and they’re investing a lot in advertising (email/sms spamming). They already have purchased a database of about 1.5 lakh people (good heavens!).

    Since I’ll have the opportunity to witness the development, I’m quite interested in how they run it.

    In their own words, “Its Marwadi style”. [With due respect to the Marwadi business community].

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