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I’ve a solution for Mumbai immegration issue

By on Feb 1, 2010 | 22 comments

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See, UP & BIHAR are very much a part of India. So, if these regions are developed, people from UP & BIHAR won’t have to migrate to Mumbai (and Maharashtra).

Marathi people will take care of Mumbai.

The Big K


  1. darshan

    February 2, 2010

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    yes i agree wid this…these UP and bihar ppl should developed their states and get employed there…if they really want to contribute to the economy of country…then they should contribute to their state as they are also the part our nation.

  2. Mayur

    February 2, 2010

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    Every one talks about developing UP and Bihar and all other backward places. But no one really gives a plan for development… Is it strange?

  3. Makrand Bhombe

    February 2, 2010

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    I think, development is not the issue because Nalanda, which is located in Bihar, was one of the top most university of India. Due to mismanagement and political issues, the rate of development in these places decreased and the crime rate increased. So, it is quite difficult(impossible) to develop such places under these circumstances. So, I think presidential organization should be applied in these places so that it will increase the courage of the industrialists to setup their industries in such places. Consequently, migration from such places will stop.

  4. Amit Sharma

    February 2, 2010

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    The solution is tolerance. Understanding that I, a Bihari, have as much right to live in Mumbai or Bangalore or Shimla or Calcutta as in Patna, as you, a Maharashtrian, has to live in Patna or Cuttack or Nagpur or Madras or Lucknow as in Pune.

    You can’t point at a Bihari and say “you! go develop your own state!” – he’s out here to earn his living, not to change a state, and earning his living in Mumbai/Pune might have been easier than earning his living in say Patna or Ranchi. Or he might just like the city – who are we to judge his liking, as long as he’s not doing anything illegal?

    On the other hand if Marathi people would take care of Mumbai, let’s ask Reliance, Tata, Godrej, Infosys etc to leave Mumbai as well, because their promoters aren’t Marathi either.

    What say Kaustubh?

  5. Amit Sharma

    February 2, 2010

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    Having said all that, I also dislike the immigrants who diss the local culture/language at every opportunity.

    People don’t have to become a Roman when in Rome, but a sense of appreciation and interest in the local sensibilities improves life for everyone concerned.

  6. The Big K

    February 2, 2010

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    Amit, I never said one should ask Biharis or UPiets to go away and develop their own state. However, I believe if those states are developed, they won’t have to migrate to other states looking for jobs and make a living.

    Those who’ve been living in Maharashtra for ages are Maharashtrians and they have equally contributed to development of Maharashtra.

    But if people continue to migrate to Maharashtra, then there’s a problem. I believe if Maharashtrians start flooding Delhi and insist speaking Marathi, Delhiets won’t appreciate it. We created borders and we need to appreciate their importance. Else, I strongly support giving up state, country, continent boundaries and living in a boundary free world.

    Of course, if I migrate to Tamil Nadu or Gujrat to make a living, I ought to learn and speak local language and also be a part of their culture.

  7. karan

    February 2, 2010

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    Very funny comments by Mr. Sharma.
    Seems he just wants to earn his living and live a good life. Rest abt development of either Maharashtra or Bihar or any other is not his concern.

    Talks abt tolerance! On whose part? Maharashtrians!!

    ” You can’t point at a Bihari and say “you! go develop your own state!” ”

    Is it not a moral responsibility of a resident of Bihar to think of development of his place. One thing I surely know, Maharastrians where ever go, if they come across any good thing, they want same in their place and they try too!!

    “earning his living in Mumbai/Pune might have been easier than earning his living in say Patna or Ranchi.”

    ever thought why is it easier in Mumbai/Pune and not in Patna/Ranchi!!

    ” he might just like the city ”
    Have u ever come across anybody non bihari saying I would love to settle in Patna. Why nobody likes Patna!!! Give it a thought!!

    And my dear Mr. Sharma, don’t think what will happen if Reliance, Tata, Godrej, Infosys pulls out of Mumbai.
    Think why they preferred to come to Mumbai and don’t even think of Patna. Bring change to make that feasible.

    Years back Jamshedpur Tatanagar now in Jharkhand was a big name in Indian business sectors, now nobody talk abt that? Why

    why no more similar branches opened in the region!!!


  8. durga

    February 3, 2010

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    looks like, Maharastra ( Mumbai) need to have a visa policy to allow migrants 😐 to cross borders you see..

  9. Amit Sharma

    February 3, 2010

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    >We created borders and we need to appreciate their importance.

    Disagree. These borders are for administrative purposes. To make governance easier. Why we Indians are taking state borders to heart is beyond me.

    > Else, I strongly support giving up state, country, continent boundaries and living in a boundary free world.

    Amen to that.

    > Of course, if I migrate to Tamil Nadu or Gujrat to make a living, I ought to learn and speak local language and also be a part of their culture.

    Agree. Did you read my second, albeit smaller, comment?

  10. Amit Sharma

    February 3, 2010

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    @Mr Karan

    Very well said. Can you give us 5 steps that a resident of Patna can take to “develop” his city & state?

    Can you also give us the 5 steps you, I presume a Maharashtrian (correct me if I am wrong), have taken or plan to take, to “develop” your city & state?

    Thanks for reading.

  11. karan

    February 3, 2010

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    @ Mr. Sharma

    I will guide you to develop Bihar

    1) I guess first step has already been taken, either by mistake or after learning lesson.
    You have selected a better person as Chief Minister. I have no much idea but what I read,
    he is doing good job. The progress is just next to Gujrat although parameters are different but surely some sense of progress is there.

    2)You need to increase the literacy percentage. Atleast bring people to a level where they can think. Let them realize how they are cheated by zamindars and sahukars and people like those.

    3) Try to bring the feeling in people that work can be done without falling for bribe.
    Corruption is one major problem that keeps back any society from growing. I know this is difficult and it exists every where. But so goes the ratio that lesser is the corruption more developed is the region.

    4) Respect to women is one thing that need to be taken care of. They need to be taught and should be made to stand on their feet. Few days back I saw a video clip on Times showing many people tearing away clothes of a women on the roads of Patna just for some ununderstandable reason. Police were around but watching the show!

    5) Come out of internal rivelry. I exactly do not know, but people have an impression that every second person including young guys carry
    pistol, tamancha and many similar things. Did you see Ishqiyan, a 15 years old guy makes a comment regarding knowledge of pistol
    to everybody in the region, I can’t put here. I agree its a story I guess in UP, but Bihar is no different. That is impression of Bihar, UP every body has. Then who would like to go and work there. This need to change first.

    Can you atleast bring these changes first. We will discuss further once these are done.

    Now, regarding general steps need to be taken or plan to take, to “develop” your city & state.

    I will talk about my city Pune

    I say 20 years back itself Pune was developed. people were educated in the sense they were aware of right and wrong things.
    Even the maid servant working at our home had an understanding of right and wrong things.
    She used to put her points firmly on any subject.People use to actively participate in the development of city.
    Public transportation was fantastic.It was the good then as I see in France or Germany today.
    People used to follow rules!
    People use to care about elders and kids. Even the driver of the bus would stop the bus for an old person just out of politeness
    and chat well with kids.
    Getting your work done in a government office was far easier.
    Pune was a pleasing place to stay with lots and lots of trees roadside and many gardens and playgrounds.
    People never had to worry about water scarcity. Today there is big scaricity inspite of 3 dams providing water.
    Pune University was a center of academics with as big as 20000 foreign students, now that impression is vanishing.
    Today people say Pune is developing but I say Pune is ruining.
    And I feel bad to witness this happening.
    We don’t want such developed Pune, we want old Pune.Ask any native Puneity who know 20 years back Pune, you will listen the same words.

  12. Mayur

    February 4, 2010

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    Have you ever seen the flies and crickets crowding a lamp post in the night? They go to the lamp where the light is brightest. If that lamp post goes off, they go to another lamp post. Have you wondered what the crickets do when all the lights go off?

    There are lot of Maharashtrian who migrate every year to US, UK, Canada etc. for better professional prospects, better education, better life and money. Unfortunately few of them are my friends and relatives. Forget Maharashtrians, there are people from all over India who migrate. Knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly even they have contributed to the growth of US, UK etc. Now India’s also developed. Do you think all these NRIs will come back for good?

    Migration is the way of life. It is inevitable and parties like Shiv Sena and all are very very small to thwart it. They cant change the law of nature.

  13. The Big K

    February 4, 2010

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    Facts are facts, Migration is a way of life and I agree. But when limits are exceeded, they solve no purpose.

    In U.A.E, 75% of population consists of immigrants. However, the control remains with the local arabs. I really appreciate it. Immigrants can’t buy land, property and can do business ONLY with local partners as equal stakeholder.

    No one answered whether Delhieits will appreciate Maharashtrians mass migration to Delhi and start insisting that people speak Marathi, form political groups et al.

  14. Amit Sharma

    February 5, 2010

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    You haven’t answered me yet.

    I asked you what an individual can do, not ‘what needs to be done’.

    And I asked what you, as an individual resident of your city, have done to ‘develop’ the city, not what is ‘great about the city’.

    After you have answered that we can continue.

  15. Human

    February 12, 2010

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    The definition of a nation as given on wikipedia is ” A country is based on common history, culture, language or ethnicity/race.”

    Does India have anything common in it like that? We have probably seen the highest number of secessionist movements anywhere in the world. And yes, even Pakistan does not have anything in common like that.

    The question that you would ask is, what if a country is made not based on above definition? It will run on its own risk! Take former Yugoslavia which is now divided into 5 parts now, and also former USSR. The definition was derived by taking an example of most successful countries in terms of national spirit.

    If Pakistan’s culprit is Jinnah, India’s culprit is Nehru. Also, remember there were 4 princely kingdoms that did not want to join the Union of India (which itself is a collection of countries). We forced them to get along with us forcibly.

    Apply the above definition of a nation to any lingual state in India. All of them would successfully fit in. we boast of a nation of diversity, but excessive migration from one state to another is going to kill that diversity FOR SURE. In India, it is extremely important to have a control on migration, it is not about jobs, money, etc. but about culture and language.

    The Big K, you were right in pointing out that UAE example. Remember, when the MNS fiasco was on, we were given examples of US, UK, Canada and the migration to these countries, and about maharashtrians going out in these countries? Where was the logic of not comparing the states and countries then?

    China has a permit system, and USA has dual citizenship, one of the state and other of the nation. I do not see the mainlands in these countries separating from the nation!

  16. Amit Sharma

    February 12, 2010

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    You want to maintain what? Diversity? Are we fauna? Animals in zoos? Throughout history, cultures have mixed, mingled, exchanged, people have migrated, settled in new lands, married in other races, and contributed to the diversity of the human populace.

    Ok, and when people give an example of the migration to USA/UK/Canada etc., we’re just saying that despite there being national boundaries (which involves legalities to cross and there are defence issues) if it is easy to settle in a foreign country, why should it be difficult to settle in another part of my own country when my country’s constitution gives me full right to?

    Infact, like Big K, I am all for eradicating ALL boundaries, but that does not mean that until that happens we should treat ALL boundaries equally. The law does not require me to treat a state boundary like an international one, so why should I?

    Tell me when do you realise that you have crossed states when you’re travelling from Kolhapur to Belgaum or from Asansol to Dhanbad or from Bandipur to Madumalai? When you see the board, right? There are people talking the same language on both sides of the border, same geographies, same climate.

    I agree that happens when you cross the Wagah border also, but we cannot help it since the law prevents us from going there without documentation. But the law isn’t against us crossing state boundaries. Think about it.

  17. Human

    February 12, 2010

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    Animals are much better than humans in regards with race. Yes, I want to maintain diversity as long as people want it to. There wouldn’t have been any state or national boundaries if people never wanted diversity.

    Throughout history, from the ancient as well as medieval times till World War II and still today, humans have fought over silly things, over power, over culture, over race, superiority, etc. These clashes reduced after aligning places as “nations” only after World War II properly. If one wants to continue with that same old tribalist medieval mindset that existed from history with wars and clashes like animals, you are free sir!

    Also, throughout history, there was no visa system or immigration laws, that is only a recent phenomenon after the World War II. We have lived in an era of prosperity and innovation after World war II for sure. You make the choice!

    Your Constitution does not give you right to settle anywhere in country. One cannot settle in Kashmir, and one cannot buy property in Haryana, it is strictly reserved for the locals.

    Law is not all the time correct, that is why a democracy allows for amendment of laws. Where have I said, you should treat a state boundary same as international boundary? I am thinking rationally over the issue. If you want people to meekly accept, any damn country as their country with emotions, then I think the fans of Nagas, Khalistanis are not wrong either. As for laws in India, it is a banana republic. All I want to say through the definition pasted from wikipedia is that India and Pakistan are both experiments at their own risk. Both are still puppets in the hands of USA and UK, they enjoy defense deals worth billions of dollars from both these countries. Both the countries are simply formed with nothing in common. Sorry, but I like thinking logically/rationally correct, not going by emotions, rhetoric or chauvinism.

    Well, when we are in Kolhapur, we get to listen Marathi and Hindi, in Belagum, Marathi and Kannadiga, a little 50 km down south, only Tullu and Kannada. I do not think they speak the same language. Not aware of where Asansol or Bandipur and Madumalai is, need to Google for it!

    And yes, thumbs up for your idea on a world with no boundaries. already such a world exists on the internet thankfully. I liked your spirits, but I am of a different opinion. I like the EU model much better, where there are different small countries made out where inequalities are not high, and all the countries have easy immigration rules and it is still comparatively easy for the people to go from here to there. Countries should be made with people’s opinions, not with a ruler’s opinion.

  18. Amit Sharma

    February 12, 2010

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    “Your Constitution”? Well said.

    Anyways, you are implying that I want a world at war, while you seem to be voicing your opinion in support of the people who have waged a war against their own countrymen.

    I don’t think I will contribute anymore to this discussion. We do not seem to be at the same page.

  19. anant

    March 16, 2010

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    When people talk about Marathi vs non marathi issue that is seamering these days, they seem to miss the main point. It is OK for people to migrate within a country but it becomes an issue when this migration is happening on large scale. When such a large number of people migrate from north to Maharashtra it creates problems for the local people and their culture. And this issue must be addressed. Violance that SS or MNS are doing in Mumbai is absolutely wrong but that does not mean their point is not valid. They do have a very valid point. The same thing will happen in any other state.

  20. anant

    March 16, 2010

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    One other point worth noting is that in Maharashtra land reforms were successful to large extent but in UP/Bihar they were not. That has created major social inequality in those states. Maharashtra is not only economically well developed but it is also socially advanced state. This is mainly due to social reformers like Agharkar, Phule, Karve, Ambedkar etc. Credit for all this certainly goes to Maharashtrians.

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