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Come on Rahul [Gandhi]!

By on Feb 3, 2010 | 12 comments

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Today, the congressman Rahul Gandhi said, “When Mumbai was attacked, the NSG commandos who saved Mumbai were UP/Bihari. Where were Raj Thakrey & Shiv Sena?”

I say: Meh!

What an insane statement! NSG commandos were just doing their duty and its got nothing to do with them belonging to any state in India. I bet there was at least one Marathi in the NSG team that saved Mumbai.

By the way, where was Rahul Gandhi when Mumbai was under attack? ๐Ÿ˜

The Big K



  1. durga

    February 3, 2010

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    :-|, I ask same, where was Raj and SHiv Sena when Mumbai was atatcked? You yourself mentioned that NSC was performing thier duty right? Did not Shiv Sena have any such group which would interviene then? NSC belong to no state, and then you gain mention there might have been atleast one Maratha in it :-|.
    It was responsibility of INDIAN gov to interviene and hence it did. So when for secuirty reasons INDIAN giv can step in, so can for other reasons, Statements like ” Maratahs will take care of MAharasta” wont work here.

    Anyways, this is how an outsider sees.

  2. The Big K

    February 3, 2010

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    Raj Thakrey is no superhero. He talks about Marathi, Maharashtra development etc. Did we really expect him to wear a life jacket and fight the terrorist? If yes, what are cops for?

    I object Rahul Gandhi saying NSG team was from UP/Bihar and ‘Where was Raj Thakrey?’. Raj Thakrey talks about different issues.

  3. durga

    February 3, 2010

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    When did i say we expect him to wear a bullet proof jacket and fight the terrorists,, on same lines can his question to Rahul asking where he was cannot be taken in literal sense?

    he might not have literally meant that the team was ONLY UP and BIHARI , but may be in sense that it was not complete Marathas.

  4. Amit Sharma

    February 3, 2010

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    Idea was that the NSG commandos that saved Mumbai were not a “Maratha army”, they were an Indian force which consisted of people from all parts of the country, including what certain politicians call outsiders.

    Now if you’re okay with being protected by so-called outsiders, and have a problem with so-called outsiders living in the city with you, can we call it double standards?

  5. The Big K

    February 3, 2010

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    Guys, don’t be insane. Rahul Gandhi started it by saying “Where was Raj Thakrey during Mumbai attack.” I know both Raj Thakrey and Rahul Gandhi shouldn’t be pulled in because they aren’t supposed to be the protectors. The point of the post is stressing that Rahul made an insane statement by pulling in Raj Thakrey.

    I guess irrelevant points are being brought in for the sake of argument. Now should I counter you by saying the president, Air Chief Marshal are Marathi?

    Are we on the same page now?

    Wasn’t it Congress that divided India into states on the basis of languages spoken?

    Talking of the double standards, I guess two entirely different subjects are being mixed. Right?

  6. Amit Sharma

    February 5, 2010

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    1. In DNA, the statement that was attributed to Rahul Gandhi did not say UP/Bihar when he was talking about the NSG. He had said North Indians.

    2. The statement you are countering is about the NSG commandoes, right? Or is it not, and the fact that NSG commandoes who worked in Mumbai were from all over India, rather than from one small geography just shows one thing: that for our protectors it does not matter where they are from – they are doing their job irrespective of that.

    3. The statement about the president, Air Chief Marshall is, pardon me for being rude, immature. What has that got to do with anything here? India is not just Marathi and non-Marathi. Any Indian would belong to some state of India or the other. What does that mean? Nothing. But when we say that the group that fights the terrorists does not belong on one specific reason we mean that they are not doing it because they belong to a specific state – they do it because of their sense of duty towards the country. Hope you understand that.

    3. I know itโ€™s illogical and insensible but did you notice that none of the Thakres were to be seen or heard for months after 26/11? Not even condemning the attacks, not even threatening the terrorists the way they threaten Pakistani cricketers/comedians/singers or North Indians. Soft targets? This is not just my observation – it is an observation of many people in Mumbai I know, including Maharashtrians.

  7. Vibhas

    February 5, 2010

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    To inform you all guys, this is what Raj Thackeray’s men were doing on the night of 26/11 :: –

    1) Ambulances sponsered by MNS were given to help the needy on that night..

    2) Blood donation camps were held at many places in pune and mumbai at that night..

    3) Raj Thackeray met the fire brigade personnel who worked for 3 days and nights …there was no media to cover it, my friend saw it with his own eyes.

    Final Question ::

    FYI, Rahul gandhi was partying with his friends at their FARMHOUSE at the night of 26/11…. The party ended at 5 am… Why don’t you ask rahul gandhi instead then ???

  8. Right Dude

    February 12, 2010

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    My question is, where the Mulayams, Lalus, Amar Singhs when Mumbai was under attack? Please ๐Ÿ™‚

    And yes, next time, do not get any north Indian in the Army to protect Maharashtra at all. There is a Maratha Regiment in the Army, that is enough to counter these terrorist folks. we never boasted about our Maratha Empire (that ruled all over India, yes, we Marathis have ruled all over India and more for a 111 years sharp).

    Next time, selectively get Marathi speaking folks from the Army to protect Maharashtra. These Rahuls will not get a chance for their dividing the country that was formed forcibly by their grandfathers.

    Did we ever boast General Vaidya behind Operation Bluestar?

    And yes, it was Congress party ruling at the center as well as state, so the attacks happened in their regime. PLease remember that.

  9. Amit Sharma

    February 12, 2010

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    Iโ€™m sorry Iโ€™m bailing out of this discussion. Call me a coward if you want to, but I cannot discuss with people having such separatist sentiments.


  10. Right Dude

    February 12, 2010

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    @Amit Sharma,

    Seaparatist sentiments can be found spoken by Rahul Gandhi. Analyze his statements well, he implies maharashtrians cannot fight the terrorists, that is what he wanted to say when he wanted to appease the crowd in Bihar.

    Everything in my comment is factually correct and logically correct. (Writing this because I assume you found my comment separatist). That was least separatist, it does not call for secession of any kind, except for the fact that we should not leave out any causes left for such Rahuls and Rajs to mutter.

  11. Amit Sharma

    February 12, 2010

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    That is the meaning you are taking out. What he meant was that the people who fought terrorists did not think whether they are saving a city in Maharashtra or Bihar – all that mattered to them was that it is a part of India they are defending.

    You are talking about a Maratha Empire, and of defending Maharashtra with an army consisting only of Marathis. How is that different from Jinnah asking for Muslim representation for Muslims?

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