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We Maharashtrians are responsible

By on Feb 4, 2010 | 0 comments

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I’m a Maharashtrian and I feel sorry for the state of Marathi. I sometimes wonder what stopped Maharashtrians from taking up businesses than opting for safe secure jobs.

Even today, when Marathis have began feeling the need of entering into business, many families stop their kids from doing it. We have convinced ourselves that business means failure. Business means hard work all life. Business means being greedy. Business means cheating. Business means sacrifice. Business means sleepless nights.

And we have formed such opinions listening to people who never tried any business, EVER. If you are a Marathi, and want to start a business, write to me ( ). Tell me what’s stopping you. I will help you get started. If not, I will at least give you enough KICK on the butt to get started. Trust me, even if you fail, that failure is worth experiencing once.

One thing is sure, you aren’t a ‘game changer’ when you are an employee working for someone else.

The Big K

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