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Cut the political crap. Let’s do something.

By on Feb 5, 2010 | 2 comments

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I’m seriously sick of politics, biased news channels, newspapers and everything that’s useless. I’ve already crapped lot of cyberspace by writing posts that are useless. People who commented on my earlier posts want to see a better tomorrow and we all understand that no political party can ever build the India of our dreams.

But I believe you and I can. We are young and we will be the ones to rule this country in various domains. I care for India and I strongly believe in me being responsible for building tomorrow’s India. If you are with me, tell me how are you planning to change India’s future.

I’m changing India’s future by being an entrepreneur, by trying to create thousands of jobs in the next few years. I want to see India being self-dependent, technology leader in the world. I believe when good people enter into business, it helps the country in a big way. That’s what I’m working on.

What are you doing?

-The Big K-


  1. Amruta

    February 6, 2010

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    Biggie, this is to let you know that I am too happy to know that you have started a company in our very own Nagpur. More jobs in Ngp means more people staying back and less people going to Pune, Mumbai.
    This is great biggie, thanks!

  2. salutares

    March 1, 2010

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    There is plenty of corruption in the construction of new buildings in the government. This is one of the best means of surveys.

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