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Windows 8 will change the way we think about computers

By on Feb 12, 2010 | 6 comments

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Google Cache is a good thing because it keeps a copy of posts deleted by Microsoft employees about Windows 8 😉 . I stumbled upon one such post by Microsoft Employee which says next version of Windows, Window 8 (let’s say, they call it so) will change the way we think about computers.

Read the blog post here.

The blog says –

The minimum that folks can take for granted is that the next version will be something completly different from what folks usually expect of Windows – I am simply impressed with the process that Steven has setup to listen to our customers needs and wants and get a team together than can make it happen. To actually bring together dozens and dozens of teams across Microsoft to come up with a vision for is a process that is surreal! The themes that have been floated truly reflect what people have been looking for years and it will change the way people think about PCs and the way they use them. It is the future of PCs…

My best guess is Windows 8 will cut down every feature except following:

  1. Photo viewer
  2. Video Viewer
  3. MP3 player
  4. Orkut access.

These are the only features most of the people I know use.

The Big K


  1. Amruta

    February 13, 2010

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    biggie, may I ask you, what stupidity do you find in people orkutting or facebooking? After all you too want people to visit your blog n leave comments, right?

  2. The Big K

    February 13, 2010

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    @Amruta: I think Orkutting and Facebooking is for the people who’ve nothing better to do in life than poking into others lives.

    Yeah, I do like people commenting on my blog ;). It keeps the blog well aligned with its mission.

  3. Leela

    February 15, 2010

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    I dont understand why companies are some much worried about ORKUT 😉

  4. Karan

    February 17, 2010

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    Well the perspective changes from person to person. One of my friend used orkut as a platform to showcase his photography skills, and today he is turning professional. Another one used it to spread word about his interiors business. A thing can be used for either purpose, depends on you. Just take your example, your idea of using blog to eliminate stupidity from world might be great one for you, but sounds stupid to me.

  5. Mi

    February 17, 2010

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    So whether by orkutting or by starting one’s own blog all people want is other’s notice and sharing one’s thoughts or photos with others. So the two things’ purpose is more or less the same.

  6. Jim Graves

    October 27, 2010

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    Current news, Windows 8 should be in the shops in two years. One of Microsofts subsidiary companies leaked out the anticipated issue date over the last few days. Lets hope it observes the Windows 7 evolution procedure.We do not want to have another Vista fiasco

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