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Service: No More!

By on Mar 19, 2010 | 4 comments

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For the past couple of months, I had turned into a ‘services’ guy. I became a service provide by accident and continued doing so because it was fun. But over the time, I realized that being a service provider ain’t so cool. Now I’ve realized, ‘services’ was the thing I ran away from initially.

When you are a service provider, your client drives you. Your client dictates your actions no matter how right/wrong the required action might be. If your client thinks its right, you’ve to do it. There’s no escape. There’s zero feeling of ‘being in charge/control’. I remember that’s what I hated when I was working for a company. We would follow directions by our client and there was no scope to innovate. Our suggestions were turned down and seldom listened to.

When you are a product seller, you call the shots ( at least, I’d like to live with that feeling 🙂 ). If your product is not good, it won’t sell. If your product is good, it will sell. You support ‘your own product’ and not ‘someone else’s (as in services)’. This whole realization has set my focus back. I should be focusing on long term goals than some short term benefits. Sure you can build Infosys by offering services but its entire different status when you are Microsoft or Google or Oracle.

..and It feels good.

The Big K



  1. Mayur

    March 22, 2010

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    Get into advice mode when you are rendering a service. That way your customers wont dictate you.

    And of course, even your service can be sold as a product

  2. The Big K

    March 22, 2010

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    @Mayur: Maybe that would work if someone wants to work for money – but certainly not something that will give you the sense of creation.

    I’d rather be Microsoft or Apple than BCG.

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