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The Environment Factor

By on Mar 24, 2010 | 5 comments

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Disclaimer: This post’s got nothing to do with global warming, carbon monoxide and trees. This is just another rant about people’s attitude towards entrepreneurs until they become successful.

Imagine that there is a guy (A) sitting in front of computer and working. The guy is surrounded by cubicle. There’s A/C vent right about his cubicle. There’s a nice conference room adjacent to his cubicle and there’s a presentation going on. The office boys are cleaning up the floor and removing all the traces of coffee spills. There are people around who are more or less share the same age group. Everything is so posh.

Now imagine second guy (B) (of the same age as B) sitting in front of computer and working. There’s no cubicle, no A/C, no conference room, no presentation, no office boys and no colleagues.

Tell me, who do you think makes more money?


Can’t tell?


The Big K


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