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Which job would you choose?

By on Mar 25, 2010 | 4 comments

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Let’s say you are not happy with your current job. Now both you and I know that its a fact. So, let’s say you have two job offers:

Offer A: Offers you about 30% raise over your current salary. The work, however, is just twice as boring as your current.

Offer B: Offers you the same salary you are getting right now, but the work is exciting, there’s ample learning opportunity et. al.

Tell me which job offer would you accept and why?

The Big K


  1. alpha-t

    March 26, 2010

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    definately offer B…..that 30% doesnt really matter……because when you enjoy and learn simultaneously from become enough competent and professionally polished that you can hav even a 50% raise after sometime…..being an engineer is a lot more than just getting money….i am engg student and have seen many of my seniors and collegues go for software companies just for the sake of the fat package they provide….but later i have seen them just having 2 feelings…..REGRET & FRURSTRATION…….

  2. Rohan Shinde

    March 27, 2010

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    I agree with Alpha-t and offer B, of course.
    Big K, I have another sub-B offer, Currently my job is just like Offer A in Windows domain, and I wanted to switch to Unix domain, which is my dream, but the thing is I am not getting time for next Unix interview job prep.. as current job includes wierd night shift, so if my current economical status is okay, then can I quite current job, and prepare for my dream Unix job for say 1-2 months?

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