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How to take good decisions in life

By on Mar 30, 2010 | 2 comments

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The following advice may not apply to all your everyday decisions, but it will surely help you when you’re faced with a tough decision in life.

Each decision has some positives & negatives attached to it and that’s what makes the whole decision making process fairly complicated. There are situations which can affect your life for a considerable period of time which mostly end in one question: Should I?

The best way to deal with such situations is to get out of your own body and look at yourself as a third person (like you are watching yourself in a movie).  Then think what will make you regret more in future: Having done something or Not having done something. In most of the cases, its “not having done something”. I remember reading somewhere that you regret the things you haven’t done than the ones you did. So that should make it clearer.

Jeff Bezos (bozos among you who don’t know who Jeff Bezos is, read this) calls this “Regret Minimization Framework”. That framework of mind in which you imagine yourself as 80 year old and regretting something. Then you try to take decision today based on minimizing the regret you may possibly have when you are 80. In the following video, Jeff explains how he decided to quit his steady job to start Jeff mentions that he was already on a steady career path and had a stable life. But then he was trying to leave it all to start something crazy (Amazon) which he didn’t knew will work. But he thought, at the age of 80 he’d regret not having quit his job to start Amazon than failing with Amazon:

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