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I don’t understand these celebrities

By on Apr 2, 2010 | 2 comments

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I’m watching Dance India Dance right now. Remo sir’s parents have been brought to the stage and Remo sir’s wife is crying! Now tell me, why in the good world, anyone cry to see their parents?

Come on!

Every time parents of the contestants are brought to the stage, these contestants start crying! Why do people get so emotional to see their own parents on the stage, in front of TV cameras?

Or is it all TRP drama?

The Big K

PS: Remo Sir has just said that he couldn’t visit his parents because he couldn’t get time. I wonder he’s got time for Dance India Dance and not for parents?

I’m of course not against Remo sir. He’s a fantastic dancer and judge. But these channels spoil everything.


  1. Vega

    April 3, 2010

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    I guess, crying is contageous, especially with women. Maybe the emotional stirr within them after seeing their parents on such a big stage makes them cry. This reminds me of a dialog in hindi movie, “Yeh khushi ke ansu hain beta.” 🙂

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