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Marathi Manoos Discussion – Continues

By on Apr 12, 2010 | 5 comments

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On December 5, 2008, I blogged about Marathi Manoos Description by an entrepreneur/businessman I had met. Now, thanks to my poor English, that I translated Marathi Word “Bhitra” as ‘Coward’; which according to one of the rare Marathi-English online dictionary is correct.

I believe ‘timid’ would have been¬† a better word than ‘Coward’.

People responded with lots of examples of how Maharashtrian people have fared well in various fields. No one denies the facts. But look at the ratios of people from other communities who enter into business, try it, fail at it and sometimes become successful. Even the people I do/did business with are mostly non-Maharashtrians. Why? Because its rare for me to see Maharashtrians doing business. Those who disagree with me are clearly the ones who’re sitting behind the cozy walls of cubicles.

I’ve talked with many marathi young engineers (I interact with engineers almost daily) and they fit the description in my earlier post perfectly. I meet tons of Non-Maharashtrians too; but they think differently. They want to try their hands at business and most of them do. We, Maharashtrians have done well in various fields; but I believe we have a lot to do in the world of entrepreneurship and business.

Don’t give me examples of successful Maharashtrian entrepreneurs. I know many of them.¬† We respect them and are proud of them. But we aren’t talking about the ones who are rare. We are talking about common people like you and me. How many of your Maharashtrian friends are into business? How many are happily working for others? I know, there are many; but compare it with people from other communities; the ratio isn’t where it should be. Every other shop/mall/restaurent I ever visit is either owned by Punjabi, Sindhi, Gujrati or Marwadi but rarely by a Marathi.

Let me make it clear again that I am NOT against anyone or any community (do I sound like I am?). I’ve personally learned many skills from doing business with Marwadi & Gujrati businessmen. I respect them a lot for this. I am not implying that Maharashtrians ‘lack’ something.

I am only suggesting that Maharashtrians shouldn’t look at ‘business’ with negativity (they do, I tell you!). Business isn’t about risk taking as commonly believed by Maharashtrians. You can take my word for this.

These are my thoughts and I am not forcing my opinions on anyone. I write what I experience.

I hope people read between the lines and pick up the ‘point’ I’m trying to drive home. Don’t give me examples of brave marathi soldiers and businessmen and actors.

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  1. Anirudha Yelnurkar

    October 18, 2010

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    Nice Blog…
    I own a web and 3D service providing firm.
    We Maharashtrians follow ethics thts why we can do better business in US UK but not in India.

  2. Vishal

    May 26, 2011

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    I’d like to introduce myself. I’ve just started business in Oman with my Omani friend. inspite of having many problems we are struggling to make it smooth running. I arrived in Oman in 2009. I worked for a very well-known company over here. I faced many problems due to my south indians, bengali collegues. They harrassed me like a dog. As one above comments says we people have high ethics I quite that shit job. Thats why today I say to all before coming here I was Indian but now I’m Maharashtrian. I observed Indians are not Indians here. majority of people are from South and mostly from Kerla. One e.g. would like to share here that one day one Omani person met my wife’s collegues [lady] who heads from Kerla & that Omani started complaining saying India is very dirty/bad country but Kerla is very good/nice/neat. That lady also saying yes to his each n every comments against India but didn’t explain him Kerla is the part of India. And other common example ask any Kerlite from where you are? ans will be from Kerla. But someone [outside India] ask me where are you from? my ans is India first. If he ask in details then I’ll tell that I’m from Maharashtra. So friends please consider this fact. We are/were ignored by our other state people. Knowing [but not ready accept] Marathis gr8/glorious history and biggest contribution to give independance, protecting all from Mughals/Nizams [pls recall Panipat which I say biggest sacrifice for the country musch musch bigger than Jaliyanwala Bag.]etc. Because of which it is Hindustan. Many certificates in that time was given by Non-Maharashtrians like Gaga Bhatt. Who said ‘kashi ki kala jati mathura me ____ basati agar SHIVAJI na hote to sunnat sabaki hoti’. Marathis contributed for all growth in Bollywood [Dadasaheb Phalke who has started motion picture in Indai] He was having invitations to settle in UK & do better in that field which was for their country not for India but he refused. This is Marathi. Inspite of having opportunity to earn lot of money he refused it. If any other could have on his place like [gujju,sindhi,marwari,southy,northy] i’m sure they will not leave these kinds opportunity only for money. Here I like to deal with non-Indians as Indians don’t wanna support me even I’m competative in prices, superior in quality becasue I’m not from their state. Here I’d like appeal all Marathis. Please co-operate each other. This doesn’t mean you have co-operate by giving money. I suggest give proper guidance, support for getting jobs, show proper way if you know it. If u r in purchase give opprtunity to Marathi supplier [of course w/o compramising on quality/service/price etc]. If u r on senior position n there vacancy pull eligible Marathis. And ther r many ways…Whenever u have opportunity to leave ur native place n work in other city,state & country pls don’t hezitate to accept it n prove abilities of Marathis in other regions… Happy Blogging…

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