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Can I sue the traffic police?

By on Apr 18, 2010 | 4 comments

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I was fined Rs. 100/- because the front wheel of my two-wheeler crossed the invisible zebra crossing at a signal. The lady-police offer walked towards me as I patiently waited for the signal to turn green. She stood in front of me and pointed at the invisible zebra crossing and ‘white line’ on the road.

She asked me for license while cursing others who had crossed the invisible ‘white line, aka zebra crossing’. I asked her to show me the white line which I had crossed to become the victim of police and attract public attention. I showed my license to her and she calmly put it in her pockets. Then pointed me to a group of two-wheeler owners who were examined by the police. Apparently all of them had crossed the invisible white line. She asked me to wait for her and park my vehicle on the side.

The traffic police officer didn’t even look at me as I argued that the white line was invisible. He wrote Rs.100/- on a ticket and handed it over to me. I argued again as he did the same for other poor chap. I noticed there was no point in arguing and I’d waste my time if I continued my argument; no matter how right I was. I took out the 100 rupee bill and handed it over to the police in return of the ticket.

My ego was crushed and I was ignored like I was rotten vegetable.

Had the white line been visible; I’d have accepted my mistake and paid the price.

The next day, I read in newspaper that almost 2000 people were fined and about 200,000 rupees were collected.

My urge of entering into politics has doubled.

The Big K


  1. Gaurav

    April 18, 2010

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    In Nagpur most of the roads have gone from bad to worse condition.

    I have seen people jumping the red signal in front of a Lady cop.

    Lady cops aren’t strict generally. Bad luck, not the case with you.

  2. Amruta

    April 19, 2010

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    God! what a way of collecting money in a single day! It happened to me too in Pune long back. And then too the white line was invisible. At least now that they have 200,000 rs, they can use it to repaint the white lines all over the city. Am I expecting too much?

  3. Mayur

    April 23, 2010

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    Whenever I’m stopped by Police, I always ask for my fault before handing over the license to them. Most of the times they have no point to argue.

    By the way, yes you can sue the police. You can ask for their id cards, note down their names and employee number and later file a complaint. Now it is a chaotic and cumbersome process. But if you decide to fight against it, it is possible.

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