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Dear Reliance Communications…

By on Apr 20, 2010 | 1 comment

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Dear Reliance Communications Customer  Care,

I had been an unhappy customer of your NetConnect Service. In March 2010, I switched to BSNL EVDO service which provides me with 10 times faster Internet connection for less than half the money you charged. I canceled my subscription through your outlet in Pune and have the receipt of cancellation. All the dues  were paid.

I haven’t used the device since April 02, 2010. However I continue to get “high usage” alert every day. I have already replied to your emails but looks like no one is reading them. Those ‘usage exceeds” messages piss me off. So please stop sending them.

I hope I can rely on you, Reliance.

Thank you for your service.


The Big K

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