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FAT Ugly Woman @ SGS Mall Pune

By on May 1, 2010 | 9 comments

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Today, I had a small bad time interval at SGS Mall Pune {MG Road}. I was waiting for my turn at the billing counter as I saw an ugly girl walking in and taking up the position and pushing me down from #2 to #3 in the queue. I informed her that she was taking up my position but my words fell on deaf ears. I was about to gather my composure when an ugly, fat & old woman claimed the new #2 position.

I objected; but again, the words didn’t do any magic. Trying to adjust with my new #4 position; I quickly figured out how to teach lessons to such women. Now its difficult to argue with such women because the public sympathy is with them and people around will take it for granted that you are the one to blame for whatever happened.

I think you can teach lessons to such women by insulting them in public with words using words which aren’t insulting. Simply call them ‘Budhiya’ or ‘Buddhi’. As soon as you call them that, loudly in public; all their time/money efforts spent in looking younger than they are get trashed.

…and I believe its completely OK to teach lessons to such idiotic women who bully you in public.

Am I wrong?

The Big K


  1. meron

    January 14, 2011

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    that is me man. am i ugly as much as u explained me? i remember i was there at that time and it is only me a fat and whom i consider my self cute. if u r disturbed by me, tell me the place u spend most of time. i will try to far from those area as much as possible. include ur time also.

  2. Fat_Ugly_Woman

    January 20, 2011

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    Yeah ..teaching lessons come to a person’s mind only when they start thinking themselves as God on the earth. [Reminds me of “Raavan” and “Kans]
    *Whatever be the case* I still could not understand the point in using words “FAT Ugly” and that too a “Woman” . All MEN suck !

    • The Big K

      January 20, 2011

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      Fat, Ugly because that woman was indeed Fat & Ugly. How else would I describe her?

      I’d have ignored her if she hadn’t bullied on me.

  3. Kirti

    September 5, 2015

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    The instant u called her fat and ugly.. U also became wat she was…a bully… Agree it was wrong for her to step in line.. But if you could not say anything to her there.. U r ranting out here…. Coz no one cn see your face or hurt your emotions… And if u think she was illiterate.. All the more reason not to say all this.. She did not have anyone to educate her…
    But guess u r educated.. But does that really make u different from them??

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