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My Talk @ MIT

By on May 3, 2010 | 2 comments

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Last month on April 06, I was invited to deliver a guest talk at MIT Pune to Computer Science Engineering & MBA students. The experience was good. I enjoyed it a log and think I managed to evoke some interest about entrepreneurship among the listeners. Here’s how it went:-

10: 45 AM: I reached the MIT Campus. Looked like it had grown in size since my last visit couple of years ago.

10:50 AM: I called the organizers to confirm the building; I was asked to enter the CS engineering department building.

10:55 AM: I reached the top floor, but couldn’t find anyone I was in touch with. So I called them back and they told me they were waiting for me near another CS engineering department.

11:00 AM: This was the scheduled time for the talk and I was nowhere near the venue. Finally, I managed to find the right building and a personnel escorted me to the HOD’s office. I was asked for refreshments, soft drinks et al. I was really nice talking to the HOD and the organizers. We chatted for about 4-5 minutes. I was told that the students were waiting for me.

11:10 AM:  I entered the room and everyone stood up. I took out my Dell and set it up to work with the projector as a girl introduced me to the audience. I was then presented with a bouquet. The stage was handed over to me.

11:20 AM: I began my talk. I asked how many students were interested in entrepreneurship and whooping 4 hands went up in the air (from over 100 students). I knew I had to begin at a different level than I had thought.

12:30 PM: The talk ends with a question-answer session. I was impressed by the questions that came up. The audience looked far more interested in Entrepreneurship than at the beginning of the talk. Mission accomplished.

12:45 PM: Students gathered around me to ask more questions, my contact details etc. I was then escorted back to the HOD’s office.

1:00 PM: I leave the campus.

I personally believe more engineering students (and anyone who’s interested in technology) should foray into the world of entrepreneurship. Its easy to get a job and spend life doing it and retiring without being proud of what you did for over 30 years.

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