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Can work be fun?

By on May 6, 2010 | 4 comments

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To tell you frankly, I don’t like people who don’t like their job. I also wonder why do most of the people spend their lifetime doing things they don’t like. Humans have been made to solve the problems they conquer; then why don’t we go about solving one of the most important problem we face about our career?

It was so depressing to see people hating their jobs and still continuing because “What else can I do?”. When I talked to one of my ex-colleagues, he said “Agreed, we should enjoy our work. But what can I do? My project is so boring and there’s no learning. But at least, I get money to come and show my face here.” What an attitude!

Is money the sole reason (primary) you go to your job even when you don’t like it? Just because they pay you? Why don’t you think hard enough and take steps to find out something you enjoy doing and make money from it? You will say, “Life isn’t so easy, dude!”. Come on, think. Are you just being lazy and blaming what you can’t control?

There was a time when this thought started haunting me. I was so pissed off by insane meetings, thoughtless decision making, boring work that I strongly felt I needed to change something. I couldn’t go on for my life following someone’s orders, applying to leaves, not being able to go to a movie on Monday afternoon. I thought of finding a way that would let me enjoy my work so much that weekends would seem like big waste of time. Eventually I found out a way and now happily walking on the path and enjoying every moment of it. Sure, there are times when I’m down, but that’s normal, right? I’m not saying what I did is ‘THE RIGHT’ thing to do. But everyone has his/her own ‘THE RIGHT’ thing which he/she has to discover and then be happy doing it.

I strongly believe work has to be fun. You should be 100% happy at the thought of getting up on Monday morning to get ready to work. Do you think its possible for everyone?

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