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Swami Ramdev’s Bharat Swabhiman

By on May 9, 2010 | 9 comments

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Ramdeo BabaI’ve been a Swami Ramdev fan since long time. I like and appreciate the path Swami Ramdev has taken to solve the biggest problems we face. In my opinion, most of the problems arise because people behave idiotically and this problem can be solved by setting the brain right. One big way to do this is through Yoga Yog. When you relax your brain and keep it cool, it gets all positive thoughts and then reflect in your actions.

I’ve observed that Swami Ramdev’s Yog techniques work. I admit I’ve been late entrant to the world of Yog; but better late than never. I realized no matter how hard we all try to be ‘successful’, if we don’t have good health, all your success is of no use. That’s common sense, right? Also, Yog is not something you should do when you retire from job. Its something you should do whether you are 10 or 100. Get up tomorrow morning and turn on Aastha channel, follow Ramdeobaba and enjoy good health. This one decision you will NEVER regret in life.

Coming back to the topic – Swami Ramdev is now venturing into politics and I more than welcome this step. Swami Ramdev has already touch millions of Indian hearts in India and abroad and that’s the big step to start with. When everything in politics is corrupt, I think Ramdevbaba is our ray of hope.

I am going to vote for Swami Ramdev’s political party in next elections. What about you?

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  1. pornima

    May 9, 2010

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    if not now the change wil not happen again .we should be thankful to swamiji for making us to realise the truth of our country. we should and should and should support him with all we can do for him. doing something for him is actually doing everything for our future.

    • prashant sharma

      July 8, 2010

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      nobody know that who is baba ramdev
      but i know that hi is one step ahed to mahrshi dayanand,or swami vivekanand because at present both are not alive thats why we say that that was gretest person but baba ramdev alive thats why we are not coreect valuate to them

      but after 5 year we come to know that who is he now we say i wisi if we born at the time of vivekanad or dayanad

      now we have time to spend with baba ji so pls. give your 100% to baba ji am am giving 500% to baba ji i expect to all of tthem that he give the 100% directely or indirectly

  2. Mayur

    May 12, 2010

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    I'm only wary of Swamiji going down the same route as others. He is a respectable guy. But politics is such a jungle. One wrong step and his party will be ruined. I dont want my opinion to change. I pray god it wont.

  3. CBG

    May 26, 2010

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    A new patriotic political outfit is need of the day. But if Sri Ramdev baba chooses to take any of the existing politicians for even primary membership in the new party, irrespective of colour of the party, cast, language or region, this party will also become absolutely, irreversibly corrupt. A person who was a member of a gonda wing of any party, or a so called student leader should not get even a primary membership in such a party. An electoral candidate should be a volunteer, who does not expect pension or any other benefit not available to common man. He should be aged, like an EX-service man or retired teacher, should have a means of lively hood other than politics, should give in writing,not to be a member of any elected body more than twice in his lifetime, even after resigning from this party, should a situation arise. He should give an undertaking that he will not prop up any of his of springs to any office. Any breach of the conditions should be treated as breach of trust. Every time a new candidate should contest from a seat. There is no dearth of suitable candidate in India. Therefore there is no need for the same person to contest again and again. An offspring or spouse of a late leader should not get ticket for 10 years after the death of a leader. A constituency or a minister's post or party post should not become an ancestral "JAGIR" for any body. Politics should stop being a "DHANTA FOR THE HARAM KHOR" and those who do not want to do any work, other than living a luxurious life at the expense of the common man.
    I am looking forward to see such a political party. Will the GREAT BABA, who has done so much for INDIA create such a party ?

  4. Dr. R.M Dwivedee

    November 6, 2010

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    Like crores of his followers,i also believe Baba Ramdevji to be reincarnation of God in our modern time.For the success of ‘Bharat swabhiman andolan’,i am giving my maximum and continously working for it.There is no doubt in my mind about the success of ‘Bharat swabhiman andolan’,only thing that worries me is his security.

    Baba is God’s special representative on earth.Therefore,his safety lies with God almighty.But still I request Board members of ‘Patanjali yogpith’to be alert and provide fullproof security to babaji to avoid any mishappening.It would be unsafe and follish to be just dependent on government’s security.’OOM’

  5. Linkan Das

    November 24, 2010

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    This is the repeatition of history of India. When ever dishonesty toucshes alarming point Bhagwan sends somebody to the world to save honest people on the earth. So it is now RAMDEV. YOG gives you immesurable power to you to overpower all evils. I am running shortage of words, phrase now while describing its benefit.Yog gives you creativity, courage, honesty everything positive which is good for well being of humanity. Now i really feel proud to be an Indian.I feel proud for my ancient culture. i respect. BSA will be successful and i will make it successful. India will be at top in every sphere very soon. The time is coming for honest people to decide the fate of Indians again.Vande Mataram.

  6. Aaditya Dandekar

    December 12, 2010

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    I am hundred percent going to vote for Swamiji…..he is a yugavtar……he is the only person who can clean the politics…….

    • Vivek Saxena

      March 1, 2011

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      I also agree with you Aaditya. But we need to focus on the youth. Most of the private firm employees do not know ,what is the motive of Swami Ji. As you are in Mumbai, try to do it .
      Wish you all the best. I am trying here in Dubai, to do the same work.

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