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Reliance Customer Care (& I)

By on May 13, 2010 | 2 comments

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Ever since I canceled my Reliance netConnect account; Reliance has been continuously contacting me with my ‘exceeded’ account usage reports. I haven’t touched the data card since April 02 (the date I canceled my account) yet the account usage is exceeding. Considering Reliance’s reliable technology; I am not at all surprised to see this.

I replied to Reliance customer care saying I’ve canceled my account and all dues were paid (I was asked to pay more; because of some billing cycle issues; but since I was happy at the thought of gaining my freedom from Reliance, I paid the extra price). The Reliance folks replied back saying that my complaint (??) has been registered and an executive will get in touch with me shortly.

The executive never got back to me; but instead, I got following mail –

Dear Customer,

This is with reference to your Service Request ID logged with us regarding termination and billing issue of your Reliance Data Card number <snipped>. We understand that one of our executives had been in touch with you and resolved the complaint to your satisfaction.

Yours sincerely,

Data Card Support
Reliance Communications

I also received another ‘account usage exceeded’ mail from them. I repeated above steps and the same useless response was sent back to me once again.

I wonder its unreliable service or just some unwanted sense of humor?

The Big K


  1. kid

    May 13, 2010

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    On top of that, they have taken the telecom sector out of the jurisdiction of consumer courts. Now, all
    complaints have to be filed with TRAI.
    Best, file a Spamming case against them !!!

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