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Kati Patang

By on May 22, 2010 | 2 comments

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Since this is film ‘Kites’ review; I’ve decided to keep the title of the post totally irrelevant to the content; just as in film Kites. The film has nothing to do with ‘Kites’ and I’ve no clue why the movie got the name.

After spending whooping INR. (600 + 300 + 300) = INR. 1200/- to watch Hritik Roshan’s Kites; I felt like we were robbed at gunpoint. In fact, that would have been a better experience. At least, we’d have experienced some thrill. Anyway.

So, the movie’s got Hritik Roshan, Barbara Mori and other unwanted characters. Note, I didn’t mean Hritik & Barbara were ‘unwanted’; but it wouldn’t have made much difference if they were not there. The movie begins with the hero & heroine in a court (obviously for marriage); so that the hero can get green card. This is hero’s 12th contract marriage to get the green card (and why did he not get it in his first 11 marriages, humm??). Hold on! I guess I made a mistake. Hero – Heroine’s marriage is not 12th; I guess its his 8th or 9th marriage; because 12th marriage is with country’s biggest Don’s daughter (Kangana Ranaut). Ok, sorry for the confusion.

Hritik Roshan is marrying Kangana Ranaut for her Dad’s money (the Don is a Casino owner) and Barabara Mori is marrying Don’s Son for money. Obviously they meet each other, sing songs, dance on the streets and run away together because love > money. But to make the film longer (so that its not called documentary), the Don’s son decides to chase Hritik & Barbara.

Hritik gets hurt in the chase and Barbara hides him in a train wagon. S he takes the car and eventually dies as her car jumps over a cliff. Hritik Roshan finds out that Barbara has died and he jumps off the cliff as well. So he dies too. They meet under water and do some water dance as the credits start rolling.

Now tell me where’s the ‘Kites’ thing in this movie?. Why so boring story? Why so much hype for such a crap movie?



  1. durga

    May 23, 2010

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    was it not a documentary movie??? in that case it definitely a miss for me. Neither into Hrithik nor into Barbara for that matter. May be iron man2 will be good

  2. Mayur

    May 26, 2010

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    Congratulations. So was it plain stupidity or did you relent to your wife's demands? It has happened with me many times. Good to see you are joining in as well.

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