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Should Non-Vegetarians Care About Animal Brutality?

By on Jun 14, 2010 | 11 comments

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One of my friends forwarded an email about animal brutality. The photos showed how animals were being killed to take out their fur, teeth, bones and other body parts for profits. The mail urged the recipients to forward it to others so that awareness about animal brutality spreads.

I replied to the sender and asked, “So, when did you turn vegetarian to really care about animals?”. I’m yet to get a reply from him.

On one hand, people show deep concern about animals, and on the other; they adore chicken nuggets @ KFC.



  1. durga

    June 15, 2010

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    That is the most sickest part . Every-time I go to a BBQ I am asked " are you vegetarian by choice or its your religion which forces it onto you?" .. People strive for all causes but dread to let go the taste of chicken and expect veggies to taste it as well :-|.They forget that I am proud vegetarian and force meat onto me saying I am missing life WTF?
    When we are for a cause we need to be for it completely- there are no exemptions what so ever it might be. I would rather call all such people as pretenders, hypocrites and pseudo lovers

  2. Elmyra

    June 15, 2010

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    I think non-vegetarians look at the situation and think, "I am not the one killing them. I get them cooked, so I am not a killer." However, when they see the brutality, then they think, "maybe I can stop this…"

    More power to them if they take steps to stop the brutality. Maybe in that process, they will stop eating them too.

  3. durga

    June 16, 2010

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    I don't know what Non veggies think, but I know few non veggies who support the cause of animal rights, but dread the thought of giving up chicken.

  4. Rishabh

    June 23, 2010

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    i believe theres a proper system for everything. There exists an ecological system of which, the food chain is an integral part. Disturb one element out of it and the entire chain gets disturbed. I read somewhere that if everyone stopped eating chicken (for eg), then within a year there will be more chicken on earth than human themselves.

    I am myself an avid chicken(cooked ofcourse :P) lover but I also do not like torturing of animals that I see on tv such as on NatGeo or Discovery. One may call me an hypocrite but I feel I am more of a confused person. I do not like all that torture on them, it feels bad but when I have a plate full of cooked chicken in front of me I forget all that. Well, you may be right in calling me a hypocrite I guess.

    But again, everything has its purpose. And for that matter, we engineers should know that plants too possess life. Just that they dont move as we do or speak and express as we do, does not give us the right to kill plants and eat them as we like while we condemn killing of animals for the same reason.
    In the end its the survival of the fittest, thats how God or the creator meant it to be on Earth. Those who dont adapt, die out. Once we too were hunted by wild animals and dinos. Its just our time now 😛

    • durga

      June 24, 2010

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      * where did that dumb notion rise from? Vegetarian food is not KILL plants and eat. Its eating for survival, not for rejoicing. When we say vegetarian, it means- leaves, fruits, vegetables which are bourne to the plants and roots which again can be reproduced. If you let your brain run for a second, plucking fruits/ veggies/leaves doesnot KILL a plant. they can be regrown and for a matter of information, fruits and veggies are extras what the plant stores, so plucking them causes no mal nutrition to the plants. If you replant the eye of potato or carrot, they grow back. Tell me, will the full animal grow back if you do the same?

      Get your facts straight before you talk vegetarians kill.

  5. rishabh

    July 15, 2010

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    I agree with the argument about fruits durga, but do veggies only eat leaves and fruits all the time ? What about rice, wheat and other cereals, sugar canes, and scores of other plants that are rooted out to get their produce, burnt off their remains and new ones planted again? We are reproducing those and animals as well.

    Flesh eating started since the beginning of human history. You expect people to stop that soon ?
    And what about the ecological disbalance that it will cost? There's too much at stake! there's no need for facts to be learnt for it, simple school biology teaches us everything.

    I guess God always knew we humans would be too greedy and made everything such that it balances the system well(keeping us in mind of course)

  6. durga

    July 16, 2010

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    * I don't want prolong the discussion as I know its difficult to accept things

    see, rice wheat what you are talking about is cultivation. burning and using the other parts of plants IS not the part of food what is ate. Grains form the food which is ate, and don't think you need to pluck the plants to eat grains.

    And as far as the so called Bio-cycle you are mentioning – Whales are being pushed to extinction because of whaling .Do you really think its for research they are hunted ???
    Eating, hens pigs, cows wont help in maintaining ecological balance. :-|. Saving endangered species sure does!!
    And do you know much much economy goes in feeding the animals for years and then killing them as a food for few people? I don't say it incurs loss , but my personal opinion- its not needed.
    I don't expect people to stop eating flesh, but I do hope , they stop supporting justifying why they eat with various reasons.
    P.S: what is GOD doing in this discussion?

    • rishabh

      July 16, 2010

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      sure WE cant(or dont) root out the plants and shrubs to eat the grains out of them. But to get the grains we do need to kill those plants. By saying that vegans eat only grains and do not need to root out the plants, ur giving the same argument that someone above opposed, that is, the non vegans say they are not doing anything wrong as they are not the ones killing the animals.

      And it is for these whales and other endangered species that people root for. We too care for animals that need attention. Majority of non vegans do not eat whales and sharks. Those are for the rich and the 'do not care' types I guess. Only the most common ones such as chicken and cattle are slaughtered I guess and they are in large nos everywhere. That helps maintain an ecological balance in nature.

      These kinds of arguments are non ending and I have run them on a lot of different people never to get to a satisfying conclusion. Am not saying u are wrong durga, for that matter anyone who has ever debated on this matter. It is a matter of choice as everything else is. It is what we CHOOSE to do and unfortunately I choose to eat non veg food. I know it shouldn't be that way but I guess I can't help much on that. For me, everything on earth is responsible for themselves. If I win, I am responsible for my better efforts and if I lose, even then am responsible for not putting much efforts into my work. Of course the poor poultry animals have not got any choice and that is their luck. I myself could be one of them in my next rebirth(incase there is such a thing at all, but there is got to be one)

      If I offend anyone with my opinion I am sorry for that. I just put forth my (hypocritic <–that wasn't a taunt) opinion.

  7. The_Big_K

    July 16, 2010

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    My Grandpa (doctor) always told me that God made humans vegetarian – that's why our intestine is longer than the carnivores.

    • rishabh

      July 16, 2010

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      that is true, had that in biology too 🙂
      our digestive system is not made for carnivorous activities and that is why we cook 😛
      the other animals cant or wont and that is why they have been provided with strong guts to digest their raw food.
      Its just the way living beings adapt, either this way or that way.

  8. karan

    July 19, 2010

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    I am a vegetarian. And I don't kill animals except mosquito if it some way fell in the category of animals.
    But I have a slightly different take.
    I don't really believe in saving animal species kind of things.
    I feel extinction of species is a law of nature.
    People know Dinosaurs extinct some 65 milliion years ago (main reason for knowing : Jurassic Park, otherwise did anybody cared about before that?How many other species you know that extinct?)
    Now, I guess its turn for other species like Whales as mentioned in the discussion, or Tigers with hardly 1450 remaining, or vultures with few thousands in number ( recently number increased by number 10 due to extreme efforts taken for years by some group in Gujrat).
    What work all these apex of Pyramid were doing for years has now been took over by man. Does their presence or absence really effect the ecology anymore? Only thing it will effect is one cell will be empty in the zoo.
    I believe this is the time for their extinction and humans are the way nature has chosen to say them good bye.
    Earlier it was the volcanic ash or asteroid falling- the way dinosaurs extinct.
    Some years later, may be we will be on the verge of extinction as many sci-fi movies suggest- with AI being the way of our extinction, you never know.
    So this is nature that is making us kill all the animals- rare as well as plenty.
    It made the vegetarian human with long intestines to digest the cooked meat.
    By the way, I was wondering, with uncontrollably increasing population of humans, shouldn't we shift over the human flesh in our meals to control the ecological balance?
    I read human flesh is sweeter than any other animal's

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