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What If Infosys Had All Indian Clients?

By on Jun 19, 2010 | 5 comments

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Indian Software Industry if flourishing because every dollar sells for Rs. 46 (approx.) here. Infosys, one of the most popular name in the IT world, has seen exceptional growth in last 25 years. The company totally changed the way we thought about salaries. It helped many middle class, talented people afford luxury apartments, travel abroad, take domestic flights, wear Prada and what not.

It was all made possible because our Rupee is weak. To the best of my knowledge, Infosys mostly had foreign clients since the beginning (there might be exceptions, so correct me!) and it made all the difference. Had Infosys began with Indian clients, do you think it’d still have made it so big?

Given the ‘professionalism’ & ‘mentality’ of Indian clients, I think it would have been a ‘dream’ for any Indian company operating in software domain to achieve even a fraction of it. What’s your opinion?


  1. durga

    June 21, 2010

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    I feel bad when I listen people say " abey Rupee value girgaya.. paise transfer karle ". I don't know what's so happening about our inflation rate increasing and the number of rupees what a Dollar can fetch.
    Nevertheless, I don't contribute the growth of the INDIAN IT for weak rupee value. Yes, we are called cheap labour (.. and sadly we are), but if seen the other way -we are eyeing for international market right? Our own ITs are bringing the rupee value down by doing that. If our rupee was as strong as a dollar, why would we even think of catering to outer market? I mean, all work fetches same money – so no big deal.
    .. and I might be completely wrong, but do we have any product based companies of our own for services based companies to cater to? To provide services, we need clients – how many of INDIAN companies are capable of taking the services of other companies? something of our own – bigger than INFY and TCS?

  2. Mayur

    June 21, 2010

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    True. Had Infosys not happened in the early nintees, Indians would still have been oblivious to new technology and also to all that growth we saw. We were a closely guarded economy. We never allowed multi nationals to setup shops in India and thus bring new technology here. We didn't make any attempt to develop new technology in India either (I guess this was all during the License Raj. A passive but dictatorial way of Congress to rule us. Anyway, no debates on that).

    Although no doubt Narayan Murthy should be given the credit for exposing India (as in the Indian middle class) to economic prosperity, largely due to the difference in dollar rates. But I think credit for real growth should be given to Dhirubhai Ambani for he was the one who raised an empire by selling Indian made things to Indians.

    To answer your question, had Infy focused on Indian markets, it wouldn't have been a success. Not because of the mentality, but because of the adaptability and acceptance of new technology.

  3. turn2me5

    June 22, 2010

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    I believe, Infy should not be given the credit, that honor should go to TCS (that's the final name as of the moment I am writing this reply. The company is a merger of lots like TI/TCC n all).

    And between TCS never started with bodyshopping/writing softwares to be used in foreign lands, they just did it for sister concerns in the same business house. TCS did that way back when I don't know, N. Murthy may be graduating..

  4. Sapna

    June 23, 2010

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    Don't you think tht holds for all Indian IT companies tht started around the same time and not just Infosys?

  5. The_Big_K

    June 23, 2010

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    I said Infosys because that's the company synonymous with Indian IT. I respect Narayan Murthy for creating enormous wealth and making an average Indian afford air-plane tickets.

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