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If I Were Like The Sheikh Of Dubai…

By on Jun 29, 2010 | 6 comments

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I sometimes wish I had the wealth & power of Sheikh Of Dubai. After visiting UAE and seeing what he has done in the desert, I became his ardent fan. I’ve already watched numerous videos on YouTube about the Sheikh. I sometimes wonder what would have happened to Dubai had the Sheikh gotten tired of hot weather and decided to settle in Pune. Dubai wouldn’t have been Dubai. Those who haven’t visited Dubai, let me tell you…its a paradise in desert. The Sheikh has declared that he wants the lifestyle of his people #1 in the whole world, and his people support his vision. The Sheikh has turned the sand dunes into luxurious hotels, business centers, world’s tallest constructions and what not! In simpler words, it’s man made super-awesomeness.

By now, I’m convinced that my brain’s orientation inside my skull is incorrect, and that makes me anti-migration. Few of my ex-colleagues have argued that “Even Birds Migrate”, to which I responded with, “Because they are birds.” I believe people should stick to their own places and try to do something in their own region. Now, of course that is not always possible. For example if you are interested in a career in Software Industry and there are no IT companies in your region; what’d you do? I’d advise starting a software company in your own region – but again, that too, seems ‘out of the world’. So without thinking much, let’s conclude that there’s no option to migration because we want an easy life – which seems logical as well.

But then Migration creates problems as well – crowded, polluted, dirty cities & other problems (unemployment, crime,traffic jams, bomb blasts etc.) Those problems cannot be ignored as well.

So ultimately – it all ends in chaos.

For a guy (like me) who does ‘Root Cause Analysis’ of the issues (not everyone does this, seriously!), these are ‘real’ problems that cannot be ignored and “learned to live with”. I’ve now began blaming & cursing my ‘reversed’ brain that gives me all this idiotic thinking.

But you know what? If I were like the Sheikh Of Dubai, I’d construct Natrual Looking Hills, Lakes, Rivers around the region I belong to.

On related thought, I’d settle in USA in next few years. Everyone has told me its got great weather. Life is too short to be a revolutionary.

PS: I am half asleep right now. Ignore the grammar, sentence construction et al and ‘Bhavnao Ko Samzo (that is, read between the lines)”.


  1. Ankita

    June 30, 2010

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    "what would have happened to Dubai had the Sheikh gotten tired of hot weather and decided to settle in Pune"
    …I could not stop laughing over this statement. I know about the mind state you are in, but humor in disguise is at its best! 🙂

    We are going to make mirages happen in our desert.

      • Amruta

        July 4, 2010

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        Biggie, now I couldn’t stop laughing at this “why” in your reply. I have been following your blog since a few months and what I could gather was that you don’t want to settle in US and create many job opportunities here in the grade II city.

        Did I get you right?

        • The_Big_K

          July 5, 2010

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          @Amruta: Well, I've now realized that patriotism is over-rated (and outdated). I'd rather settle down in the USA and have a great life than wasting my time in India dealing with all the bad stuff here.

  2. Alamelu

    August 12, 2010

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    You settling in the US……….. I dont believe that "Patriotism might be short lived but not for you" ………….. or did I get it all wrong…………

    By the way, I continue to be an ardent fan of your writing………….


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