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Entrepreneurship & Matrimony

By on Jul 14, 2010 | 1 comment

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Few days ago, I met a friend of mine who obtained MBA from one of the top B-Schools in India. He was hired by a mega company and paid him well. But having gotten an exposure to entrepreneurship, the entrepreneurial bug in him is now kicking. He now values freedom over money, being able to take decisions on his own than following someone else’s, he’s tired of the ceiling that company puts on his income and so on.

When I talked to him what’s stopping him from taking first steps, his answer was straight & to the point. I’ll paraphrase it for you –

Big K, you know what kind of society we live in. Today, I have engineering degree and MBA from prestigious college and a well paying job. That makes me a close-to-perfect sellable product in the matrimonial world. There would be many proposals coming my way just by reading my profile. I want to bank on that. But if I start my own venture now, imagine what would happen to my prospects of getting married? Lot of my friends from B-School are yet to get married as they have ventured into their own businesses. So I plan to stick to my job for few more years. I don’t know whether I’ll repaint this decision few years down the line. I don’t know whether I will have the same zeal to give up my job and start something from scratch when I’ll be making much more than I’m making right now.”

… and I know what he said is true…even more true if you belong to Maharashtrian community. I hope this situation will change, because it must – for overall progress of communities and eventually nation.

But who the hell cares about communities & nation these days?

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  1. Elmyra

    July 15, 2010

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    People care about so-called "society." What people say and think matter more than life. Otherwise, we wouldn't have these honour killings. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

    I think it is time when people start thinking about community and nation as a whole and think about stepping forward instead of stepping back with these honour killings.

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