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RSS Attacks Headlines Today Office

By on Jul 16, 2010 | 3 comments

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RSS has attacked the Headlines Today office. All the reporters are talking against the RSS and saying attack on media is not acceptable. Well, I don’t support any kind of attack on anyone. But I think other side of the coin should be considered.

Media should be independent. But that’s acceptable only when Media is run by people who have the necessary knowledge & conscience. But when Media crosses its limited (like they do today), someone should keep check on them.

Anyway, I’ve got a mild headache.


  1. Suneel

    July 17, 2010

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    "someone should keep check on them"

    Yes, and who better than a bunch of goondas to keep the check!

    What line did they cross? They showed some lunatics talking about how the entire community should be blown out in crores when they offer namaz in mosques. The people happen to belong to RSS and one of them is a person who fights elections on BJP ticket.

    Or is it just that you are a hindu and feel secure with such goondas around. Just like Marathis feel secure with the goondas of Thakreys.

  2. kid

    July 19, 2010

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    Your post implies that the Media was biased against RSS. But if I may question, what were they biased towards ??

    and ..if you please..
    you may choose to elaborate on your opinions on why RSS attacked the Headlines Today Office.

    Also, who keeps check on the self-proclaimed cultural and religious protectors? Or you feel that they are doing a good job, so as of now no one needs to keep a check on them?

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