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See! What People Think About Us!

By on Jul 29, 2010 | 6 comments

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A member from South Africa wrote following post on CE. He got frustrated after reading thoughtless, mindless questions asked on the board by Indian engineers. I wonder what impression we Indians have in the west. Maybe we should stick to being Snake charmers? Huh?: –


You’ve got to cut us some slack here. We want to help but you are making it very difficult. Some of the questions that are asked are simply impossible to answer. To be able to help you it is essential that you supply as MUCH information as possible. If you ask for example ‘I need help with water’; how the heck are we supposed to know what you mean? Or ‘Help me. I want to make hydrogen’.

I stopped counting how many times Mr. K has repeated this message to posters…nearly every time! You CAN NOT ask the board to help you with your research. You CAN ask the board to help you with a specific problem that you have with regards to the interpretation of an article or with a procedure that you need to follow. I have seen posts where the poster asks for the complete design as well as the relevant literature. Even if I had it I would not give it to you! That would make you more lazy than you already are and worthless to the poor soul who hires you at the end of your course.

You are NOT intelligent if you give a half-baked explanation of what you are trying to do. Exactly the opposite: you are dumb. You are NOT clever if you ask for a complete project: you are lazy. You are NOT saving time by short-cutting through design: you are dangerous. You are NOT smart by sounding off about your brilliant idea: you are immature. You do NOT impress me by being vague: you irritate me.

You are NOT going to save time by coming to this forum and asking me these questions because I am, from now on, going to make sure that you get the maximum benefit from this forum by making sure that: you come prepared, that you have studied the relevant subject matter, that you have formulated your question properly, that you have considered the alternatives, that you have completed your concept design and that you have formulated a philosophy.

The objective of University study is NOT that you may get a fancy job in a fancy office and driving a fancy car. The objective is also not that you may learn how to do the math; although that is important. The objective is that you may become equipped so that you can train your mind in the philosophy of knowledge and science. If you fail to achieve this then you may have missed the objective and you are better off doing something else. If you are not serious about what you are doing then you are wasting my time and other peoples’ time. Not to mention the large amount of money and resources that goes into running this web site.

So; you are privileged. Act like you appreciate it.


I personally get very hurt to see such posts. Almost every single day; I keep getting requests for job that are one-liners or start with “resp sir, i passed out in 2008 n want job….can u pls help?…. “.  That is the reason I wrote “Losing Faith In Indian Engineering“.


  1. Ankita

    July 29, 2010

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    I appreciate the efforts of that guy from South Africa. (and I hope people reading this take some notes!)
    His views clearly vent out the frustration we all feel when we see all sorts of random stupid questions people ask on the CE Forum.
    Get a nerve people. Quit Engineering if you can't take the heat.

  2. Ashok

    July 31, 2010

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    It is easy to find shortcut to everything you feel difficult to exercise.Moreover by labeling “this fast world' everybody wants results / fast buck/ services at his doors/ life if it requires to beg for it.In my opinion asking such folish questions is similar to begging on roads for alms.This may continue so far as the donors /charities are available. Further in modern world borrowing has been labeled as the “in-thing'' or a matter of pride.Therefore the shameless persons only can ask such foolish querries on a website.It is nothing but to declare to world that what a fool he is?.I hope the posters will awake now and will not dare to declare himself a-damnfool.

  3. mayjune

    August 4, 2010

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    Very nice thoughts, specially how he described the "objective of University study" is. I don't think its about Indians here, I have visited other fourms, and people around the world are dumb. They would just post help! SOS like yeah we are the rescue team!

    I think its more of his frustration to how all forums behave! Not just indians. Maybe he did reacted to Indians, but his feeling goes universal to all.

    And if I look at it, its beyond Indians, Beyond Forums, its how we people think! The way we have been taught to reason, to ask, to think, to visualize our own problem, is where the fundamental problem lies….

    If we had been taught how to visualize our own problems, in a way that we could see where the problem is, half of our problems would be over and other half would be solved by other people as they would also be able to visualize what the problem really is…

    I think its time and I sit down, and I visualize where am I still lacking………sigh….

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