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Is there any importance to being intelligent?

By on Sep 19, 2010 | 3 comments

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About two years ago, I was interacting with a couple of juniors from my alma-mater. Few of them were worried about their studies and future implications of not understanding ‘even a thing!’ in classrooms. Their concern was genuine – “None of us understands 70% of the things taught in theory classes. We’re worried about our future”. Obviously, “future” referred to securing a job somewhere, somehow.

I thought of my college days. There were few of my friends who never attended any theory/practical classes, bunked the practicals, didn’t fare well in any of the exams and it’d be most correct to call them “average or below average students”. There were few who fared very well, scored 60%+ marks in almost every exam and attended all the classes. The ‘studious’ type of guys.

In those days, we all believed that the ‘studious’ ones would do fantastically well in life and won’t have to struggle. Well, we were right. Most of them (at least the ones I know) got placed right away in 2-3 months after graduation in Infosys, TCS, Satyam, WIPRO and other companies. There was absolutely no struggle to get a job or to ‘make a career’. Then, what happened to the back benchers or so called ‘average students’?

The last time I heard about few of them; most of them were already settled with IT jobs in the same big companies, few of them went to USA, Australia, UK to get higher education and have gotten jobs as well. It’s surprising that the ‘intelligent’ among us didn’t go way beyond others in the rat race.

So tell me, is there any importance to being intelligent? Is there any importance to being the first in exams? In the end, we are all at the same level and I guess the same status in the society. Everyone is busy booking flats for themselves in tire I, II cities and paying EMIs for their mid-size cars.

The intelligent ones didn’t do exceptionally well and the average didn’t stay behind. Thanks to Info Tech Industry.

I wonder, is there any importance to being intelligent?


  1. Sapna

    September 21, 2010

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    Yes being intelliegent is important. Getting a rank everytime and being the first isn't… Well as for IT industry, jobs,money how about the people who quit after 10th and do business and still earn more money than their counterparts who study and get into plush jobs

    • The_Big_K

      September 21, 2010

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      Exactly! Being intelligent doesn't guarantee a better life and a better social status.

  2. Deepti

    September 24, 2010

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    Well,its nt just abt abt intelligence bt other soft skills 2…
    I m a back benchr bt i thnk being studious is part of a persons nature.
    n its fyn wen u talk abt software industry bt wat abt dose 'studious'
    ppl who work wid ISTRO, TIFR…..and des type of institutes aftr graduatn?

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