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If Twitter were a final year project in India

By on Sep 21, 2010 | 13 comments

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I’m usually annoyed by engineering students who seek free lunches in the form of ready – made reports and PPTs. However, I’d not blame the students only. They’re just part of a bigger mess called ‘Education System’. The so called ‘professors’ and ‘lecturers’ in Indian Engineering Colleges are totally clueless about the latest technologies. That’s why one should not be surprised to hear, “No one uses PHP these days. So JAVA SHOULD BE the choice of programming language for our project”. The project guides would obviously avoid anything ‘new’ presented to them to hide their ignorance. I began wondering what if ‘Twitter’ were a final year project by a group of Indian engineering students. Following conversation would take place between the guide and the students.

[The time frame of this conversation is set to pre-Twitter era]

Students: Sir, we’ve come up with a new idea and we all are excited about it!

Guide: What is it?

Students: Sir, we want to develop an online portal which will let people share their status with others in less than 140 characters.

Guide: Hmm. What’s the big deal?

Students: Sir…we don’t know yet, but we  think it would be a cool thing to use.

Guide: Tell me how will the front end look like?

Students: It’ll just have a small input box and a place where friends’ status messages display.

Guide: That’s really silly. What else?

Students: Users will be able to send direct messages to their friends or people they follow.

Guide: What language will you use?

Students: PHP, MySQL…

Guide: So rubbish. Why don’t you try something more difficult instead? Go for Library Management System.

Students: .. #@%$$$%

Guide: Go!


What do you think?


  1. Ankita

    September 21, 2010

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    It's almost like you are describing a 'real' incident from my college.

    The difference is, the professor even lacks the patience to hear our demonstration after listening to the Project Title.

    Seriously, This is #@%$$$%!

  2. goyal420

    September 22, 2010

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    very true

    especially that "who uses php these days ?" line .when i had opted to go for php training .I was alone and many of my friends laughed at me ,they also say exactly same line"who uses php these days better go for .net?"

  3. Deepti

    September 24, 2010

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    its true!
    n dat prof wont help u at all.d best thing he cn do is #@%$$$%!
    I cudnt do my proj due to my proj guides opinions n
    had 2 do wat i didnt want 2….juz 4 d sake of marks…
    it ws rely irritatng,insultng n demoralizng 2.

  4. Sudhakar

    October 1, 2010

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    I would take this chance to say.,

    Yes it would be true in Indian colleges. I have done a web portal for college library in 2006 and people said whats the big deal in it. !!!

    With that experience , Me and My Partner were able to construct and manage 300 such web portals in India till date.

  5. ashwin

    July 20, 2011

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    Soo true…when i told my staff that i wanna do my main project in android…it took me days to convince him what is it.but still he convinced me to do it in JAVA!

  6. Insidedeepak

    July 20, 2011

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    99% true but still there are lectures who know things. and yes educational system is a mess and more business oriented for all these days.

  7. Alu

    July 20, 2011

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    My final year project was twitter(a micro blogging site ) with video.
    The basic idea was to put live video as status along with the ordinary text.
    Once I completed that the reply I got was that “This was a very easy one, there was nothing challenging in this project” this statement was given by all the teachers unanimously. that was such a big ########### for me

    Now I advice my juniors never to take challenging real-world projects like the one I do.

  8. Anish A

    July 30, 2011

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    Almost same thing happened in my college.

    My proposal about interoperability among projects done for college is not even read by HOD. But my teachers and friends are much enthusiastic.

    Also, my project : Teacher was very much interested. But HOD is not. I am doing that in Ruby on rails

  9. Abdul khader p

    August 1, 2011

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    so true….there must be a revolution in this engineering education system..useless indian engineers(including me)..

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