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Art Of Asking Questions: Conversation With Sohail

By on Sep 23, 2010 | 1 comment

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Here’s my online conversation with Sohail –

Sohil:  hello
K: Hello
Sohil:  i am a software engineer
K:  Good to know that.
Sohil:  ya thanx
i m making a social networking site
just like facebook and orkut
if you know something then please help me

K:  Well, depends on what ‘something’ means.
Sohil:  i m doing it using java platform
K:  Ok
Sohil:  how can i start
K:  Have you finalized the feature set?
Sohil:  means waht
i m sorry
what do u mean by feature set

K:  The set of functionalities/features your software will have.
Sohil:  yes
i have full knowledge of AJAX,JAVASCRIPT,J2EE
this would be sufficient for making it
K:  So, if the feature set is ready, you will know where to start.
Sohil:  i m facing problem in database

K:  I think you’re on completely different track, either not understanding what I’m saying or not paying attention.


No wonder Mark Zukerberg was born in the USA. Read this: Asking Questions Requires Talent.

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  1. Sudhakar

    October 1, 2010

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    Next time, ask them to open their Project Record which they use in their degree.

    Aim, Algorithm, Practices & result… etc… like Plan, Design, Construct etc.

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