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India’s Got (No) Talent – Underground Authority

By on Sep 24, 2010 | 1 comment

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I am beginning to feel sick as I watch this episode of India’s Got Talent Season 2. The Rock Band “Underground Authority” is performing A.R. Rehman’s songs in their own way and everyone’s clapping. Judges Sajid Khan, Sonali Bendre and Kirrron Kher are enjoying.

What the band does is take A.R. Rehman’s popular songs and sing them in rock style. All they’re doing is basically called “SHOUTING”. I appreciate the musicians, because they have the talent. But the vocalist is a total bull.

I wonder whether people have become deaf and have no taste of what good music is. The judges can’t differentiate between music and noise.

Look at the following video of their performance. If you like it, you are deaf.

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  1. durga

    September 25, 2010

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    its more than disgusting. I am happy song one like me give singing a try. I watched 1:22 minutes of it, music is good, I think a (NO-SINGER) like me will perform with equal gimmics as that singer


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