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I Know It’s Just Me. But Pune Disappointed Me.

By on Sep 25, 2010 | 5 comments

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[I know you’ll start hating me after reading this post because I don’t adhere to social norms. I’m not bad-mouthing; just writing what I experienced. And, for your kind information, I’ve stopped pleasing people.]

Unfortunately, I could not adopt myself to the heaven in Maharashtra – Pune. Ever since I first visited Pune back in 2003; all our earlier migrants had hyped almost everything – from FC Road to MG Road to Ganesh Bhel (I don’t remember whether it existed in 2003). So when I first visited the city, purely because “the JOBS are there!” I knew I’d get the best(est) of the food and bestests of everything. My friend took us to what was then known as “one very good place to hang out in the evening” – The FC Road. I had this larger than life picture of it in my mind and I was grossly disappointed to see overcrowded street. I wonder what’s so fascinating about the place and I’ve not found any answer after visiting the place about 100 times.

Second big disappointment was the food joints. I can safely say I’ve tried most of them : From Durga Coffee to Shreyas/Durvankur to  Ganesh Bhel to Vaishali to <name it>. I’m not naming the bigger brands because they serve almost the same taste everywhere. I didn’t experience ‘out of the world’ taste anywhere. I realized that most of my friends had this habit of naming any damn food joint and then attaching following words, “Have you tried <dish name> @ <food joint name>. Mannnnn…..its…sooooo…OOSSSSUMMM (while gently closing their eyes as if they were lost in the taste)”. I think the taste I got everywhere was just OK and just the same as you’ll find in any other restaurant.

What disappointed me further was overcrowded streets and arrogant people. There were numerous times I : 1. Got stuck on the ‘Law College Road’ , 2. Saved “aajoba” (old man) from collision with my vehicle, 3. Honked endlessly to get rid of girls on scooty who’d ride exactly in the middle of road 4. Saved myself from ST buses and Cars giving me a ‘cut’ from back 5. Got caught by traffic cop for taking the not-permitted-only-in-pune the left turn/U-tern & parking my vehicle at what otherwise seemed like an authentic parking space. Well, I’ve mentioned how I got ill treatment from the shopkeepers and there are several others who’ve commented on it about similar experience. The auto-wallas just took my anger to newer limits by looting me 80% of the times.

People usually migrate to Pune in search of (IT) jobs and the over-hyped education institutions. There are thousands of students who believe they’ll get ‘better’ education in Pune. Well, I believed it for long until I was invited to deliver a guest talk at a renowned engineering college in Pune. I was so disappointed to see the ‘level’ of students that I began thinking “Is this the college students die to get admitted to?”. Come on, give me a break!

Those who’ve migrated to Pune leave no stone unturned to praise the city and looking down at city (or region) they originally belonged to. That is because they never use their own brain and believe anything that other people tell them. For them, everything in Pune glitters like gold, even the gutters!

Pune is just like any other city. The only differentiator is that the city’s got plenty of IT companies to accommodate every tom, dick and harry.

I must clarify that I do not hate the city; nor I love it. I’m just pissed off by the things people glorify about it. But no matter what I feel and think; I have a feeling that I’ll end up settling in the city. In that case, I’ll try to setup offices in different cities and spend more time traveling around various parts of the world than getting stuck on Law College Road or dying in a bomb blast at some over crowded place.

The Big K


  1. Amy

    September 26, 2010

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    Big k, I agree with you 100% on what you said about the city, and yes I ended up kind of settling in this city too. But I’ll run to my hometown to settle down at the first chance I get.

    One such thing about the over-hyped Vaishali restaurent is that people proudly tell you that they don’t give you mouth fresheners after snacks in Vaishali.

    • The_Big_K

      September 27, 2010

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      @Amy: I thought you'd flame me for the post. Good to know I'm not the only one.

  2. THE stud

    September 29, 2010

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    Big K,

    I m dissappointed that you do not like my city..yes there are many things amiss in the city..but autowalas must be duping ppl in ur city too..there may not be many out of the world tasting places in ur city too but still they must be getting the unnecessary hype..there must be stupid women(or even men..) in ur city who do not kno how to sit on a bike properly let alone drive it…there must be “aajoba”s in ur city too who get almost killed everyday…

    keeping in view all of this u urself agree there are more opportunities here in terms of job which in some way makes my city better than yours…

    but the fact remains that u will never like pune the way u like ur city …the reason is the sentimental value…

    anyone who has told you anythn gud about the city has told you coz he has (or has developed ) a sentiment for the city and its places and ppl…

    so that much allowance is allowed i guess…

    its not that m defending my city or blaming urs or telling you to like my city and nor m i suggesting that u are not right each his own…this is just my point of view…

    A proud punekar….:)

    no hard feelings…

    would also love to hear what u have to say…

    enjoyed reading ur blog though…

    • The_Big_K

      September 29, 2010

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      @The Stud:

      First of all, the post is not about your city vs. my city. The post is about the 'hype' created by people about the city who are the ones who look down on other cities. The ones who play "Mine Is Better Than Yours" game, you see.

      I'm perfectly okay with people developing sentiments about any city. What pisses me off is that those who have relocated to Pune tell me how wonderful life they have and how my life is doomed because I'm not doing what they did. My point is same as yours, each city has its own + & -; and I'm aware of it.

      Yes, Pune has jobs and as I said, that is the main reason people migrate to it. I don't know whether it makes a better city than others. My city's got lesser pollution; maybe that makes my city better, eh?

      Oh well, I don't have hard feelings or any feelings for that matter.

  3. Sudhakar

    October 1, 2010

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    Oh you have a partially good and bad experience in Pune.

    After graduation , one of my collegemate went to pune for job in Patni. But i heard , he has currently shifted to other company for huge salary they office. Have to ask him about his life in Pune, since he left from Chennai.

    But … Dear The_Big_K, If i invite you to Chennai, ill you be interested to come and see the life we lead here. 🙂


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