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I’m The CEO, DUDE!

By on Sep 25, 2010 | 4 comments

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So, from well wishers to near and dear ones; everyone tells me to get a job. I wonder why it’s more glamorous for people to work for an insane boss in some big name company than owning your own company? Come on! I own a startup and I’m THE CEO – the title most of you will never get in your whole lifetime. Your best luck will be when you will get a cabin/cubicle on the same floor as your company’s CEO; but my guess is that he’ll have his office on a separate floor (or worse, a separate building) – and you will brag about it ( won’t you? ).

Look, I don’t have an office because I don’t want to spend money building one just to please your eyes. I’ll build an office when I need one. Above all, I don’t mind not having an office. All I mind is that I’m making a difference to people’s lives and my work touches thousands of people in 180+ countries.

I’ll not talk about money because you’re already hurt by now. Go! Work!  Else your boss won’t give you good grades.


  1. Sudhakar

    October 1, 2010

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    The word Entrepreneur or CEO , really makes me feel proud.

    Hope The_Big_K enjoys the same category of life like me…

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