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Questionning The Politicians ‘Nayak’ Style

By on Sep 26, 2010 | 1 comment

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One big reason I like few of the South Indian movies is that they, most of the times, have a good storyline. The bollywood movie ‘NAYAK’ is inspired from a South Indian Movie, Mudhalvan (1999). If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you should take out time from your busy schedules to watch it. It’s an awesome movie!

The best part in the movie is where Anil Kapoor asks the Chief Minister of Maharashtra (played by Amrish Puri) about his black money and exposes his evil deeds on live talk show. I wonder why can’t our beloved Deepak Chourasia do the same or our favorite Prabhu Chawla on his ‘Seedhi Baat’?

Or have politicians bought the media?

The Big K

1 Comment

  1. Madhav / Harshad

    September 26, 2010

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    i believe that Political party has bought Media or they are partner with the Media.

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