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Dear HDFC Bank, Don’t Offer Products At Higher Price Under Any Scheme

By on Sep 27, 2010 | 2 comments

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I received my Credit Card statement and enclosed were two leaflets that had few offers. Usually I ignore all such offers but this one caught my eye. HDFC bank is offering Samsung Wave Phone For Rs. 19,500 only. What HDFC does not know is that the phone is available in the market for just Rs. 17500/-.

But that’s a nice marketing ploy. First tell us that the MRP is 20,000 rupees and you are offering it at a discounted price of Rs. 195000 19500. Those who are not tech-savvy will fall for your trap. All the best.

PS: How about making your credit card statements easier to read and understand?


  1. Sudhakar

    October 1, 2010

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    It almost a advt, I got a stmt from icici saying.

    Early 50 customer will get a sq.ft land for Rs.2999/- on so and so area.

    I went to the website of the promoters, and found the price was much cheaper than the offer said here, it was actually rs. 2799/-

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