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MY Delhi CWG 2010 Prediction

By on Sep 27, 2010 | 0 comments

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The CWG bosses and politicians have already bought enough shame to India and they aren’t bothered. In India, one gets caught only when he/she’s involved in smaller scams. If you engineer a bigger scam, you can buy everyone from police to judges to media. We, the common people, think “NOW!!..NOW!! These politicians will be thrown behind the bars”, but that won’t happen. I’ve a prediction to make and I’m going to see whether it comes true or not.

My prediction is that there won’t be any delay in CWG 2010 games. The organizers will follow the schedule. But since most of the top players have already backed out, Indian players will win more number of medals than they’d have won with full participation. However, media won’t cover this. Once the games are over, Delhi’s PM Sheila Dixit will publicly congratulate Mr. Kalmadi for successfully conducting the games despite the ‘challenges’. She’ll congratulate all the medal winners and award them 50,000 rupees each and say Indian players did exceptionally well proving every critic wrong. There will be bigger celebration of our so called ‘victory’ and the media will give unnecessary publicity to our winners, in the mean time, we all will forget how our taxed money was wasted in building Kalmadi and Dixit’s bunglows in Switzerland.

Everything will be managed. That’s politics in India. Kalmadi will continue to enjoy all the money and open more petrol pumps in Pune.

You and I will regularly pay taxes and write such useless posts.

Anyway. So, what’s for the dinner tonight? Huh?

The Big K


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