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A Gift Only A True “Punekar” Can Give…

By on Oct 3, 2010 | 5 comments

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As I wrote my previous post, an incident that happened last week struck my mind. A typical punekar family (our relatives) invited us for dinner [I repeat, Dinner!]. As per the tradition (???) they gifted us something interesting.

When we opened the gift (after returning to home), I was first confused to see what it is (considering it as a gift item).

…and when I realized what the gift item was, I was shocked.

…and then I laughed out loudly!

There are several weird gift ideas, but it was surprising to know that what we got was a ‘GIFT’.

…and it was more shocking that it was a gift given by a well to do family.

Can anyone guess what the gift was?

Hint: I wanted to write this as a part of this post:



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