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Expensive Gifts => More Love/Care?

By on Oct 3, 2010 | 5 comments

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Here’s a question for you all to answer: Are expensive gifts a way to show that you care/love more?

Well, the answer is tricky. If you don’t care for/love someone enough, you won’t buy an expensive gift in the first place. On the second hand, does it mean that a lesser expensive gift mean lesser care & love?

The point is, how do you decide how much should one spend on a gift? It’s bit more tricky than what you’re thinking right now. Tell me.


  1. durga

    October 4, 2010

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    I think it depends on what you decide to give 🙂
    If my fiancée 's watch is ruined and I wish to give him a long lasting watch, may be I will have to spend a little more.

  2. Archana

    October 7, 2010

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    Gift is something which always comes as a surprise. And if u love someone, u mostly know what kind of things he/she likes. And accordingly you plan, i don't think so we should plan according to price.

    You should give something which is liked by that person. It doesn't matter if its expensive or not.

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