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Anjaana Anjaani Is A Third-Class Movie. Don’t Watch It. Please.

By on Oct 20, 2010 | 7 comments

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Issued in public interest.

Case I: You’ve already seen the movie.

a. If you liked the movie, you are an idiot.

b. If you didn’t like the movie, I still have hopes from you.

Case II: You have not seen the movie

a. You are wise person who can contribute something to India’s Vision 2020.

b. I like you.

The Big K


    • The_Big_K

      October 21, 2010

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      Yep, the first 15 minutes only. That puts me in a limbo between case I & II.

  1. durga

    October 23, 2010

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    what if I read this post and felt the need to judge the movie by myself, borrowed the CD from friend , watch it for all 3 hrs and then conclude its not worth judging?

  2. Mayur

    October 26, 2010

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    He he… nice way to hide the fact that your spouse dragged you to the multiplex and made you watch the insane motion picture.

    Even though I was spared from the embarrassment and managed to be a 'case II' reader of your blog, I have watched and forcefully liked some of the full throttle nonsense stuff Bollywood churns out. 🙂

  3. Sapna

    October 28, 2010

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    Hmmm agree on this review. it is total waste of time and money.

    And you are a Case I person according to your classfication 😛 Good to know that : )

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