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Narendra Modi’s Secret Visit To Mumbai & Bangalore

By on Nov 20, 2010 | 0 comments

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I always fall short of words while praising this man. The chief minister of Gujrat is surging ahead despite allegations against him and nay-sayers.

While Maharashtra politicians are busy deciding ‘who gets what’, Modi’s busy planning for development of Gujrat and attracting all businessmen to Gujrat. Modi recently visited Mumbai and Bangalore to attract SMEs to Gujrat – and what else can we expect from a minister who cares so much about his own state.

I sometimes wonder why Maharashtrian politicians can’t do it. Years after years, Maharashtra is getting deeper in trouble and neighbour Gujrat, despite the natural calamities is progress. I always hear praises for Modi and Gujrat from the people of Gujrat. The state has solved electricity problems and that can attract great investments to the state. While Maharashtra, which, to the best of my knowledge #1 in overall capacity of power generation is still clueless about the power problems.

Every damn minister in Maharashtra looks clueless and has no vision for the development. I wonder what’s wrong.

Why can’t any of the Maharashtrian politician learn from Modi.

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