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Damn-Odour Damn-Odour Yes Papa. Speaking Marathi? No Papa.

By on Dec 2, 2010 | 1 comment

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I’ve realized that this blog is turning into a hate-blog and losing its shine. I used to write funny posts(while the topic was always ‘stupidity’). I never write to please my readers (there are still enough readers to be called ‘many’). This post is an unnecessary and unwanted advice to a guy called damn-odour (Hope you got the name?)

Try to picture Damn-Odour in your mind – a moderately tall guy who internally thinks he’s ‘way too brilliant’ but also that he must appear nice and polite to the outer world. Of course, he spent few years in the USA and in his own opinion ‘been there, done that, won the world’. He uses his DSLR to capture photographs of quality equal to that of a faulty webcam.

Dam-Odour shakes hands with (extra) confidence and acts as if he invented Java Programming Language. Even though he spent 20-25 years in India before he went onsite for an assignment for say 3 years, he’s turned an American, unfortunately locked inside Indian skin. He proves it to the world by choosing to speak in English with his son.


Dude! Speak in your mother-tongue! The kid will understand things better! Have some pride for your own mother-tongue! I know yours is “Marathi”. Be proud of it. Yes, teach your kid all the foreign languages – it’s a good thing. But don’t teach him your mother-tongue as a foreign language!

If you want to look advance and forward than the rest of us, then impress us with your achievements and acts. Use English when you need to talk to those who don’t understand other language or have a wider audience! Come on, that’s common sense!

I am writing this post only because I felt very bad when I saw your mother talking to her grandson in English, but couldn’t convey all her emotions. She wanted to show him something, but did not know how to say it in English. Teach your kid his mother-tongue first and then English. Please.

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