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Don’t Blame The Politicians. They Have A Purpose.

By on Dec 3, 2010 | 3 comments

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I’m obviously not going to name people in this thread. I’ve had a chance to work with close allies of a state-level politician. Upon working with them and understanding how they work, I realized that politicians are actually simple & clueless people who just mind their business – “Filling their own pockets”. They are willing to do anything if it benefits them. Let me explain.

Any politician joins politics only with the aim of making money. They’re willing to go down to any level depending upon the money involved. But being uneducated, they do not have any clue how to work on development schemes and even dish out more money. So they stick to conventional ways of forging everything, showing ‘on paper’ work and so on. They do make lot of money in the process, enough for the next elections, at least.

If you tell them good schemes – they are more than willing to do them! They know they are not talented or technical and are always full ears to anyone who can bring them new ideas of development. They’re willing to invest any amount of money if you can show them how their investment can bring multi-fold returns. It’s plain business, you see.

The real problem is that these politicians are surrounded by equally or even lesser talented people. They’ve no ideas, no schemes and no plans. That’s why we see no development in India. The talented people should at least make suggestions for development or new projects.

I think Lalu Prasad did that with Railway in India. I heard that it was an IAS officer who was behind all his schemes that did a major makeover for Indian Railway.

Think about it.


  1. kid

    December 3, 2010

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    Common credit goes to LPY…but most of the schemes which reaped benefit for Railways were actually initiated and implemented by Nitish Kumar. And yes, it was one of his advisors..or set of them.

    Also, we do blame politicians for quite a lot.. but most of the corruption in the government happens at the babu level… and they are the ones who are impeding the work from being done. As per me, they are the bigger ROT in the system.

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