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How To Manage Difficult Situations In Any Interview

By on Dec 3, 2010 | 4 comments

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I’ll keep this post as very generic for the benefit of larger audience. People often find themselves in difficult situations especially during personal interviews. Most of the times, when the interviewer is smarter than you and you are under-prepared and unlucky and forget the answers you read just before entering the interview room – you get more nervous. I think I’ve something in my common-sense stock that you can utilize for your benefit.

There are unlimited types of situations which can be difficult during a personal interview. Here is a step by step guide to recover from the tough situation –

1. Difficult situation starts.

2. Exactly within 2-3 seconds of the start of difficult situation, you SHOULD remind yourself that ‘keeping your head cool’ is your top priority.

3. Within 5 seconds you should have a cool mind. No matter how wrong the situation is (like you just kicked interviewer’s leg thinking it’s a part of the table) you should keep a cool head!

4. With a cool head, don’t start thinking of various ideas of saving your a$$. Instead, think what’s going wrong and how can you make the situation less worse. This could make the situation even worse or better.

5. Once you’re decided with your action, then act on your idea. If your actions make the things worse, repeat steps 1-4 for the new situation. If it does good, it’s what you wanted.

Example: In a boardroom, you were passing on your resume to the interviewer and accidentally spilled the glass full of water on interviewer’s laptop. What should you do?

According to above mention steps: You shouldn’t right away try to save your a$$ by saying sorry multiple times. Instead, restore the glass and displace the laptop. Pick up a tissue paper and clean up the keyboard while praying that water didn’t reach the electronic parts inside. Then look at the interviewer and gather his expression & mood and THEN say ‘Sorry’.


  1. kid

    December 3, 2010

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    Well.. I think.. if the interview is pre-arranged, you should not have the need to give your resume in the first place!!

    On a lighter note, you should also mentally prepare yourself to run in case there is some crazy guy behind the big table who looses it!!

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